Haunting New Questions Raised About Mummified Woman Found in Garage

polling placeA tragic, bizarre story out of Pontiac, Michigan continues to raise questions. A person found mummified in a garage is believed to be Pia Farrenkopf, whose death went unnoticed for YEARS as a result of her asking her mail carrier not to drop mail off at the home, having a neighbor mow her lawn, bills automatically being paid from a bank account, and neighbors thinking she moved or was traveling.

In fact, the woman -- whose body hasn't been officially positively identified yet -- was thought to have died in 2008. And now, the mystery has gotten even stranger, because voting records in Oakland County show Farrenkopf is shown as voting in the November 2010 gubernatorial election. How does someone presumed dead for two years -- actually mummified -- vote?!

Apparently, Pontiac city records indicate Farrenkopf registered to vote in 2006 and had not voted until 2010, but officials reportedly point out that could have been an administrative error and she may not have actually cast a vote. That HAS to be the explanation, right?

Not only is it troubling to think that such an error could be made (especially considering how close elections can be these days!), but the whole idea of a woman being long dead before anyone took notice is simply heartbreaking. Although family members are supposedly getting involved with the case now -- her sister has provided DNA to investigators, who are still still trying to find dental records for comparison, and a woman who claims to be Farrenkopf's niece and godchild has created a Facebook page for her, stating that she believes her death was a murder -- few, if any, questions were asked 'til now. And that's the most haunting part of all.

What's your reaction to this mysterious tragedy?


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Taisie Taisie

" ...voting records in Oakland County show Farrenkopf is shown as voting in the November 2010 gubernatorial election. How does someone presumed dead for two years -- actuallymummified -- vote?!"


If, as you yourself said in the above quote, it is assumed she's been dead for two years, why would the fact that she voted four years ago be strange?

nonmember avatar amy

At the time, Taisie. At the time of the election (we now presume) she had been dead for two years.

Stephanie Palmateer

It was said above that she was presumed dead in 2008. So, two years before 2010.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Well everyone know there is no such thing as voter fraud right? Let the eye rolling commence.......

Cavin... CavinsMummy

Umm why not access her utilitie bills? If they were on Auto Pay they could go from when her balance was $0 ? Then they'd figure out a time line for her death, Duh! Unless a light was left on or a neighbor used her water...

Twila Akin McClain

I just want to know where her family has been...wouldn't they notice after so many years...no phone calls no visits??????


Cindy Howe Pulito

Twila, you need to go back and read all the other articles written about this case. Yes, there WERE phone calls by the family but the "phone always rang and rang," is what a relative stated. Why they didn't attempt to physically drive to her residence to check on her, after 6 years of her not answering her telephone, is quite perplexing. Their reasoning: "she liked her privacy." Which I say bullshit to. They're just back-paddling now, so they don't come off as complete uncaring, familial losers! And to that I also say, you're too late, you are already looking like losers! Either fess up that you had a family breakdown and no one cared to communicate, which would be an honest answer and people would respect you for it, and be able to relate to (because we all have had break-down in our family communication systems, from time to time) or continue to lie and say stupid bull-shit things, like "she liked her privacy," and then no one will believe anything that comes out of your mouth!

nonmember avatar Bobbie Jo

I think that foul play may be involved. Why would she just die sitting in the back seat of the car? My meaning being, they found her sitting in the back seat, with the door closed, keys in the off position, and gas in the tank. Of all the places this woman could have died "all of the sudden" or "of natural causes" , Why would it be in her back seat? Seems very strange to me. I hope they find out what happened to her, prayers go out to her family.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Bobbie Joe that's exactly what I was thinking when I heard the story. I mean who just chills randomly in the backseat of their car when parked in the garage. I'm REALLY surprised no one has mentioned foul play, it seems so obvious to me

squee... squeekumsaus

Yeah like voting systems arnt rigged

Reminds me of the simpsons episode where the kids found out votes were being cast buy dead people 

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