Heartbreaking Video of Little Girl Trying to Wake 'Drug Addict' Mom Goes Viral​

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Philadelphia bus laneIf you haven't seen the video of a young mother falling asleep on a Philadelphia city bus yet, prepare to get angry. Shot by a fellow bus passenger, the video shows a mom who appears to be addicted to drugs doing what police refer to as heroin nod while her young daughter tries desperately to wake her up. YouTube viewers are demanding en masse for the mother to have her child taken away from her, and the video surely makes it seem like this woman is unfit to care for her kid.

But is the alleged drug addict mother the biggest monster on the SEPTA bus? Let's talk, for just a second, about this video.

But first, let's watch.

Upsetting? Shocking. Indeed.

My heart breaks for that little girl, and my fists shake at the people on that bus, including the person who shot the video.

See, with Philly authorities stepping in to investigate, the video "might" help this child. But that doesn't seem to be the intention of the video at all.

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In fact, according to most reports, the videographer didn't call police or CPS to share their footage. Instead this video was posted on the People of Septa Facebook page. People of Septa is not an official Facebook page maintained by city officials or the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. In fact there's virtually no information about the page's administrators, aside from a brief description: "What the El?!" The page seems to be made up primarily of posts poking fun at people, akin to the wildly popular (and extremely offensive) People of Wal-Mart Facebook page.

From this information alone, we can deduce that the person shooting the video cared more about making fun of the mom than they did the little girl's safety.

And what of the other passengers? At one point I thought I heard someone ask the mom if she was alright, but I couldn't be sure if they were talking to her or not -- she's too out of it to respond. There were a few folks who seemed to try to wake her up, but gave up when the attempts were unsuccessful. 

It's hard to get involved in someone else's business; I get that. It can even be a little scary. But there's a child here! Didn't someone care more about the kid than their own fear?

What I didn't see in this video was anyone step in in earnest to help the mom or the little girl. Here she is trying to hold her mother's head up, and she can't be more than 5 or 6. She shouldn't have that kind of responsibility, and yet no one offered assistance? No one said, hey, lady, let's get you to a hospital. No one called 911.

In fact, Philly Department of Human Services said they didn't get any calls until AFTER the video went viral, when people recognized the mom.

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But not before? What would have happened if the video didn't catch fire? If no one saw it? This little girl could still be living this life, with a mom who is seemingly addicted to heroin, and seemingly completely unfit to parent. And that would be on the folks on that bus who did nothing, didn't even tell the driver!

The mom may be the one facing possible criminal charges here, but in the global village responsible for raising our children, she's far from the only one falling short here.

Put yourself on that bus. What would YOU have done?


Image via Paul Sableman/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Tosha

OMG What is wrong with this world to see a child with a parent that can't hold her head up a second without falling down because she's so high... SMH. People making fun of the mother and they need to be calling 911. They need to be a shamed of their self. To let a mother act like this in front of child and no one interfered...

nonmember avatar Mel

I believe I would've shot the video and followed them when they got off the bus. Then called the police and give them the most info I could about their whereabouts along with the video. This is truly heartbreaking. That little girl deserves a better shot at life than the one she will get with this person as a mother.

nonmember avatar booski

This happen about 5 mins from me. I would have called and stayed with the lil girl till they got there. Its so sad and their now putting a methadone clinic about 20 mins on that bus root. Its a shame how bad this area is getting but at the same time we are trying ti win it back and fight this. The girl is ok tho cps is involved now.

nonmember avatar Becki

I hurt for this little girl. Watching this video was like looking I to my past. My mom was a prescription dug abuser and while she was driving or having conversations or whatever else I would see her nod like that. I pray she gays some help and that her daughter gets some help too.

nonmember avatar Nonmember

Fucking junkies I tell you. Little girl don't need that. N to wake up one day n find her mom dead from an overdose a needle in her arm. My son father died from an overdose n his half brother mother was pregnant with him at the time still shooting up n now poor kid has many health problems n blind too m she was able to keep him too. Damn shame junkies can keep there kids n expose them to garbage like that. Little girl needs to be removed from her mother n be with someone that will care for her

Renah Renah

Booski, I'm so glad CPS is now involved. I pray for this sweet little girl and that her mom receive's the help she need's. This just made me sick, the person who shot this should be ashamed of themselves.

AliPa... AliParker

The person that shot this video is just as sick as the mother. They had no intention but to make fun of it. They should have called the police and had them take care of this little girl. It's just so sad that the world we live in is the kind where people will not help other people clearly in need. I am glad the little girl will be getting help.

Railr... RailroadGirl

Do also know she could be diabetic having a low blood sugar? My husband gets like thus when he goes low. He does the head Bob, falling over, slurred speech and not aware if hus surroundings. It makes me mad that people jump to conclusions. They lady needed medical attention not people videoing her.

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

So, we assume she's a...heroin addict?...because she can't stay awake and her speech is slurred, and she snapped at her daughter? I'm guessing we assume that because she's unattractive and dressed "like a junkie" (whatever the hell that means.) She could be having a stroke, she could be diabetic, or...hell...she could have just pulled an 18 hour shift and be exhausted. I know when I get into a certain sleep mode, I just CANNOT wake myself up. 
Her daughter is clean, dressed in clean clothes, her hair is done....I'm not sure why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the woman is high.
I'm more concerned that everyone on the bus is just ignoring the situation. Because - regardless of what's happening here - the woman needs some help. Even if it's just someone to talk to, to keep her awake until she gets to her stop. 

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