Stage Falls During School Performance Injuring Dozens of Students (VIDEO)

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stage collapse sevite high school

What should've been a fun event at a California high school last night wound up being nothing short of terrifying, after a stage collapsed during a musical performance. The incident occurred at Servite High School, an all-boys Catholic school in Anaheim.

About 250 girls from a sister school, Rosary High, were on stage performing in "Red and Gold," an annual theater challenge involving singing and dancing, when the stage gave way.

And after seeing this video of the accident which was captured by someone in the audience, you can only imagine how horrified everyone in the auditorium must have been.

Isn't this awful? I can't imagine sitting there and witnessing something like that happening, let alone being one of the girls on stage.

Reports indicate that 24 students were taken to the hospital after the fall. Injuries are said to be "minor to moderate" with some broken bones -- but thankfully it sounds like no one was hurt more seriously than that.

Though officials are still looking into what happened, Anaheim police Lt. Tim Schmidt told the Los Angeles Times, "Early investigations suggest the front of the stage gave out due to weight."

This photo of what's left of the stage turned up on Twitter after it collapsed.

stage collapse sevite high school

Pretty scary. It really is a miracle that none of the people on stage wound up with life threatening injuries.

Does this stage collapse change your mind about letting your child take part in school performances?


Images via Sooperso Good/YouTube; Twitter

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Choco... Chocodoxies

No, one stage collapsing does not dictate whether my child will participate in school plays. Really? 

nonmember avatar Judy

LAWSUIT!!!! I'd be suing the school ASAP! Especially if my child was injured, someone's paying my medical bills....

Choco... Chocodoxies

Spoken like a true 'merican. SUE THEM! SUE THEM ALL!!  Kids break bones even when stages DON'T collapse. Focus on your child and not your checkbook.

kayba... kaybayblee3

lol Judy! Yeah because suing the school will make everything better! SMH. No one thinks that a stage is going to collapse. Especially during a school performance. S*** happens sometimes. It was probably due to the weight of all those kids. Thankfully none of the kids were seriously hurt.

Amber... AmberMosher

Really? Sue them all? Shit happens all the time and it's never anyone's fault. It was probably due to all the people that were on the stage.

nonmember avatar Sarah

If my child got seriously hurt I'd sue them, the school should have been aware if the stage was or was not strong enough the hold all the students but if they weren't seriously hurt there would be no reason to do such a thing, accidents happen but they should have been aware hurt or not hurt

Amber... AmberMosher

If you take 250 HS girl, multiply by the average weight of a HS student, I'm going to say about 110, that's over 27,000lbs. That's not including the weight of the props. Yes, people should have been made aware of the weight restrictions that should have been posted, but not a lot of HS stages are built to withstand over 27,000lbs.

mamav... mamavaness

This is crazy because this schools down the street from my house. I hope everyones ok though. Prayers!

nonmember avatar Audience member

I was in the audience of this performance- my sister was one of the girls that fell through the collapsed stage and thankfully not hurt badly. It was traumatizing for all the girls and audience members alike. For the people saying they'd sue, it makes me sad to think that accidents that have already caused enough physical and mental damage could be taken even further to destroy someone else's life (yes, a lawsuit could ruin a life). All of the girls involved would never want their school or the tradition of this performance to be ruined because of this incident. I performed on that stage 10 years ago- and it is one of my fondest memories of high school, school spirit and sisterhood. I know that the schools are not taking this lightly and are very concerned for all of the students and the future of this tradition. I know the schools will make sure a safer structure is built and that more precautions regarding weight limits will be enforced (a permit was obtained, but it is unclear if they took into account dancing and jumping). Accidents happen and everyone will be ok, And thankfully this high school's community is strong, supportive, and level headed about the incident.

ninag... ninag1980

Geez, in todays world one must never make any mistakes or they risk the wrath of being sued. 

Accidents are apparently no longer allowed or you will more than liekely be taken to court for all you got


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