19-Year-Old Arrested for Killing Wealthy Parents & Paralyzing 8-Year-Old Brother

Wealthy couple Bradford and Andra Sachs seemed to have it all. A 9,000 square-foot mansion in Orange County, California. Five children. And, even though they'd divorced 15 years ago, a relationship that stood the test of time, with the couple reconciling and still living together and running several successful businesses. But behind the scenes, darkness was brewing. Their 19-year-old son Ashton has been arrested for murdering them, as well as the attempted murder of a sister and brother.

The couple were found February 9th, shot dead in the bedroom of their sprawling mansion. Their 8-year-old, adopted from Russia, was shot in his bedroom. He survived but is now paralyzed. A 17-year-old sister was shot at but not hit.

Initially police had a long list of potential suspects, given that the couple's businesses had apparently earned them some enemies. But now they believe the enemy was much closer to home.

Police contend that second eldest son Ashton entered the home at 2 a.m. while everyone was sleeping and committed the murders of his parents, and the attempted murders of his brother and sister. He then allegedly returned to Seattle, where he attended college.

Police believe that Ashton acted alone. No motive has yet to be established. Many similar stories, however, have come down to money and inheritances. Asked if an inheritance was the issue, authorities said they were looking at all possibilities. Ashton had no criminal record and it's unclear if he had any history of mental illness.

There is really no worse crime than killing the people who brought you into this world. Who looks into the tender eyes of a newborn and can even fathom that one day this very bundle might take your own life out of greed, hatred, jealousy, or mental issues?

Scarily, before Ashton was arrested, he had applied for guardianship of his younger siblings.

This family has gone through something horrific -- and now the remaining siblings -- one of them with permanent, debilitating injuries -- must fend for themselves. Truly tragic.

What do you think could have happened?


Image via Orange County District Attorney's Office

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Money! If he adopted the sibs he'd get their share also. Thankfully there is an older brother who will take care of them.


This is sicking now he is going to jail with the big boys no mommy and daddy to protect him.I don't understand he had everything .He wanted now he is going to rot in jail it's not good to spoil your kids I see because in the end they will stab you in the back literally.

nonmember avatar Jesse


Debbie Grossman Cheshire-Hatcher

Obviously a lot going on here we don't know about... if these parents were so good and loving why was he seeking guardianship of his younger siblings? Not defending him, just saying there is more here that what is being told so far.

nonmember avatar Marcie

Debbie he applied for guardianship AFTER he murdered their parents.

More stories of entitled human beings. All ages, all levels of society anymore.

nonmember avatar Marta Kennedy

How the heck do we know what happened? This is a private real tragedy, not an opportunity to build your comments numbers. You are creepy and unfeeling to do that. You need a good, mature editor to teach you something about the bounds of good taste.

Momin... MominAL485

The reason he did it is really moot at this point. Life in prison is most likely what he will get (he will probably take a plea to avoid the death penalty). I keep thinking about his siblings he so callously shot and tried to kill. They now have to live knowing what he did and most likely will never get any answers as to why. Or the ones gotten will not be of any help to them as they try to come to terms with what he did. I just hope and pray for them that in going forward as they try and put their lives back together that they get the counseling they are desparately going to need and have strong family support system to be there to help them through it.

IHear... IHeartCake

It's pathetic that you focus so much on their money and house.  The weath is probably related to the motive, but there's obviously so much more to it.  Let's pray his younger brother is not permanently paralyzed.

Patricia Benfield

I think it was already said that the little boy will be permanently paralyzed. Such a shame the little one was hoping for a better life here just to be dealt this.Sick people in this world!

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