Pregnant Woman & Her Two Children Rushed to Hospital After LSD-Laced Dinner

Two children were left hallucinating and a pregnant mom was rushed to the hospital for induced labor after an entire family consumed steak from Walmart that was thought to have been laced with LSD. Jessica Rosado bought the round steak for her family at a Tampa Walmart and cooked it in their new home when her boyfriend, Ronnie Morales, 24, started to feel sick. Rosado, 31, who was also nine months pregnant, got together her two children, ages 7 and 6, and rushed him to the hospital. But on the way there, she also started feeling strange. And then soon, her children too were hallucinating.

While plenty of people do LSD for "fun," this sounds like an absolute nightmare. Children, certainly, should not be exposed to such a potent drug. And the adults had no idea what was coming. I can't imagine how scared and confused they were. The children and Morales had to have tracheal intubations so they could breathe. Rosado had to have an induced labor.

Said the Tampa police chief:

The family has no idea where this may have come from and there's no indication of any involvement on the part of the family.

The meat and its packaging have been tested and found to have elements of LSD. That particular Walmart has pulled all of the meat off its shelves. Authorities are conducting more testing but so far no one knows who could have done this.

While regular LSD use can be harmful to a baby, there's reportedly little chance that a one-time consumption of it while the baby is late term would cause any damage. But I am aghast that this poor woman had to give birth while under the effects of LSD she did not want! This is NOT a trip anyone wants to go on.

Yikes, what a crazy and scary experience. Fortunately, everyone is out of the hospital and doing well. The newborn is fine and at home with the family. Thank goodness that they became sick at different times or no one would have been able to get to the hospital.

If someone did this as a joke, it is disgusting and horrible. Hopefully any party responsible will be found soon.

Have you ever ingested a drug by mistake?



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TheSi... TheSilence

Wow, that's scary and disturbing! I hope the person/people responsible are found and arrested. They could have killed this family!

Coles... Coles_mom

Worst part would have been laboring while on LSD. Can you imagine?!?!?

kayba... kaybayblee3

That's awful. Is anything not safe anymore?!

lalab... lalaboosh

This is just horrible, I hope they catch the monster who did this! I was drugged on Superbowl Sunday and if it weren't for my friends I'd have been abducted. Some guy was lurking out on the street, probably waiting for me to stumble out of the bar. I didn't realize I'd been drugged until after breastfeeding both of my children! I was terrified and called poison control immediately. Everything is ok now, aside from the terror I now feel at the thought of whatvcould have been.

What if I'd been trafficked away to live as an abused slave?! Aaah!

mummy... mummyoftwins92

That's disgusting, that would have been so terrifying for them. Hope there is no problems for the baby in the future :/

Robin Hilliker

Unless the meat was severly undercooked then LSD  would have had to be added after they had been cooked 


kisse... kisses5050

 Robin it  usually comes in liquid form and would have cooked into a salt  like compound  and only cannabis

nonmember avatar nyxss

I was drugged with LSD years ago in my high school cafeteria. It was awful and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hopefully they catch whoever did this to that poor family.

nonmember avatar miracle

Lala y in the world were u drinking if u were breastfeeding?

nonmember avatar Amanda

Ok lalaboosh why are you even breast feed after you were drinking. Alcohol in the beast milk is not good either

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