7-Year-Old Girl Bitten 100 Times During Dog Attack

A 7-year-old girl is in critical but stable condition after she was bitten 100 times by four Staffordshire bull terrier-cross dogs at the home of a family friend.

Sakurako Uehara, who is a Japanese girl living in New Zealand, will have to have repeated surgeries from now until she is an adult in order to repair the damage to her body, according to doctors. The dogs have been euthanized since the attack and everyone from police to concerned observers are wondering how this could have happened.

The poor little girl was reportedly conscious throughout the attack and was bitten all over her body, according to authorities. The thought that this child had to endure such pain at the hands of animals she was probably trying to play with couldn't be sadder.

With that said, we still don't know enough about this incident. We know that the dogs belonged to friends of the family whom the family was visiting, but were there any adults present while Sakurako was in the company of the animals? Were her parents watching her? Did anyone try to stop the dogs from attacking her? We all know accidents can happen in the blink of an eye with children, particularly when they are around animals. No matter how gentle one is or may seem, there is always the possibility that it will misinterpret a child's actions and attack out of fear or self-defense.

The girl's family released a statement saying Sakurako was their only daughter and that they have a long journey ahead of them. They asked people to keep their little girl in their prayers. Police say they are investigating whether to lay criminal charges against the dog's owners or anyone else.

Thank goodness Sakurako is okay, though it sounds as if she is going to have to deal with the repercussions of this nightmare for many years to come. We hope she recovers as quickly as possible so she can enjoy a normal, healthy childhood.

Do you have dogs and children? How do you ensure your child is safe around them?


Image via seawild/Flickr

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No dogs--have a cat...because she is front paw declawed (indoor only), she will back kick you like nobody's business after she gets you in the correct position.  However, if she was a very agressive cat, she will stay locked up while company is over.  I remember my parents had to do it with our family cat siamese Nina--she hated strangers.  And it will go the same if I had dogs.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

I have a dog you can dropkick if she attacks. For that reason. I will NOT have an animal that's a liability to myself, family, friends, or anyone else. Those dogs HAD to have been aggressive in the past. There were FOUR of them, and they ALL attacked? One I understand, but four is a pack going in for the kill. There absolutely should be charges pressed against the owners. Dogs like that shouldn't be allowed inthe homes of civilians.

nonmember avatar andie

There are so many wonderful dogs that need good homes. Why would anyone keep aggressive and mean dogs? I don't believe for one second that these dogs have never shown any signs of aggression. That poor, poor child.

briba... bribaby798

No one thinks to blame the damn parents. If parents would teach kids how to respect dogs and read their body language. this would almost never happen

Einyn Einyn

@bribaby I've seen a kid not even interacting with a dog at a park, just walking, and getting attacked. So it's not always the child's fault. And who blames a 7 year old really?

nonmember avatar Teri

I have a rescued faught pit bull/ english pointer mix.He was used for years as a bait dog until I along with friends stole him to treat his wounds and feed him. I was told he could never be rehabilitated, but five years later he is an amazing family dog and my two yr olds best friend. I monitered them together for quite awhile at the beginning,but now my dog listens to my sons commands and has become my sons best friend and protector. I have helped house, foster and adopt out over 400 pit bull type over 4 years.I have seen extreme cases of abuse and yet they can bounce back.It is a shame the media does not report the other dog bite/ attacks from other breeds. From my personal experience it does not matter what breed, its how they are rasied and treated.I hope the the little girl has a smooth recovery. My prayers are with her and her family

nonmember avatar Holland

Are you serious?? Blame the parents for the actions of an out of control dog. You're insane. I've seen dogs and cats attack for no reason. I was bitten by a dog when I was younger right there with friends and family and I wasn't even looking or interacting with the dog

nonmember avatar Seriously

Uhm kids and pets kinda go hand in hand. It's common sense to be attentive when a child is playing with even the friendliest of pets. Dogs aren't monsters like half of you people are portraying them. They just don't know any better, like a small child who plays rough. It's a risk but not unheard of (like it's being portrayed) to have kids & dogs. I have 2 big dogs and a 4 year old. I watch them when they play. I know how to stop a dog during a fight, and would likely stab it's ass if it attacked my kid. So yeah. I have a son and two dogs.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I have two small dogs (under 30lbs) one terrier mutt and a pug/ beagle mix. I leave my son alone with them all time our puggle is the sweetest dog she doesn't even bite when she plays just licks you a bunch. The terrier can be a bit cranky but she's 15 and had a hard life she's survived having a leg broken and amputate along with two different unprovoked attacks by pitbulls, yet she's never bit anyone. When my son was a toddler I remember one instance in particular that he just ran up and poked our terrier in the eye, all she did was growl slightly in disapproval and leave the room. The training of my dogs I attribute to their good behavior, but everyone should research before bringing home a pet to make sure they are a good fit for your family because some dogs just don't have great reputation around kids like dalmatians.

austin04 austin04

I hate it when people say dogs have attacked for no reason. There is always a reason if you don't know what it is. I don't care how long you've known a dog, supervise kids around them.

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