Woman Tracks Down Father Who Raped Her as a Child to Make Him Pay

A woman was forced to track down her own rapist -- her father -- after he fled the country following charges that he had been raping his daughter for 10 years, starting when she was 3 years old. As if that's not horrible enough, the woman's own mother helped him escape. Heather Orr's father, Frank Hertel, was facing trial in Arizona when Orr was 18, but days before, he fled to Germany with Orr's mom, Judy, and their son, Heather's brother.

They stayed there for nine long years, running a bar and grill under fake names, and leaving Orr back in the States to wrestle with what had happened to her and how not only her father, but her mother betrayed her.

But in 2009, she typed her father's name into Google and found that her grandfather had been arrested for tax fraud. Orr decided to contact some of the people in the article, and through that, she was able to find out where her father was hiding. She turned the information over to police.

Between his trials in Ohio and Arizona, where he pleaded guilty to various charges including rape, Hertel will spend up to 95 years in prison, only eligible for parole when he's 71.

Hertel wept uncontrollably during his Ohio sentencing, where Heather read a statement to the judge. Hertel interrupted it in order to wail, "I'm so sorry, Heather!" as she bravely stared straight ahead. (How like a monster to try to make her moment about his pain!)

Heather lost her childhood -- and her family. And imagine having your mother actively help your molester escape charges. Maybe she simply believed her husband over her daughter? Unfortunately, no word on whether the mother will be arrested too.

Heather Orr is left to pick up the pieces of her life but has gotten closure from her father's sentencing. She's planning on writing a book and actively helps other abuse victims. But she says she fights every day to be happy. I hope she keeps fighting. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

Do you think the mother should be charged too? What if there is no proof she knew what had happened?


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Kediset Kediset

Regardless of whether she knew or not, the mother helped the father escape. Should be charged with being an accesory in his escape.

and the guy said he's sorry? that's just sick... he's only sorry that he's caught.

at least he's been caught now, hope he doesn't get to taste freedom ever again.

I'm curious as to the brother's relationship with Heather now, after all these years that he was kept from communicating with her and what-not.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

(Sarcasm) But he said he's sorry ... shouldn't that make it all better?  (/Sarcasm)

People like this make me sick.  I hope he has fun with Bubba in jail for the next 50 years!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Absolutley her "mother" should be charged. They're both a giant POS.


The mother aided and abetted the father, so hell yeah she should be arrested.

Heather Tyler

Of course the mother should be arrested. I was sexually abused by my father and when I was 15 I told my mother. My mother called me a liar, trouble maker, drug user and kicked me out of the house. I ended up living with my aunt and was never allowed back into my parents home.  My dad has since past away and my mother hates me so much she won't even speak to me if we run into each other out and about.

Anoth... AnotherKim

The mother needs the crap kicked out of her. What kind of scum chooses a rapist over her child? The "father" should have his penis cut off.

kkat117 kkat117

I grew up in the house with an abuser (I was not abused) TRUST me....there are signs. Maybe they weren't obvious at first, but if you know what to look for, once someone comes out and tells you something like that, you WILL see it. So yes, the mother should be charged.

kkat117 kkat117

Heather, I'm SO sorry you had to go through that.  I don't understand how anyone could treat their child that way...if my daughter ever told me something like that, I would kick that person out of my life and called the police, no questions asked. That is what your mother should have done for you.

sandy... sandy2727

I hope she stays strong. I hope she's becomes successful and help other victims!! Also may she justice. Shame on her mother our job is to protect our children never put a man before them. And her sicko dad i hope he gets the same treatment in prison as he did to his daughter!!

sterl... sterling21

A real mother would stand by her child! I can't imagine ever letting anything that hurt my kid go, I get angry at parents that allow sick kids to attend class. She should suffer a penalty forhelping him escape the law.

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