Father Hires Escort Who Turns Out to Be Someone He Knows Far Too Well

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Imagine you are a frisky 70-year-old man who decides to hire an escort for the evening when you're out of town. (Men. Do they ever change?) When the lovely lady of the evening arrives, you notice with a shock that the woman seems very familiar. In fact, she's more than just familiar. You know her very well. She's ... your son's fianceé! Now you've got quite a dilemma on your hands -- do you tell your son what the woman he's about to marry does for a living?

Apparently this all really happened -- in Italy. The 70-year-old man, marital status unclear, hired an escort when he went out of town, only to be flummoxed when his 40-year-old son's fianceé showed up. To their credit, the two decided not to go ahead with their -- ahem -- business arrangement.

But the man wrestled with the question as to whether to tell his son that his South American girlfriend wasn't a waitress as everyone believed, but a prostitute. Additionally, if he told his son, he would be revealing his own role as an old horndog who used escorts. If the father were still married, an even bigger dilemma. Do you risk your marriage to warn your son about the woman he's about to marry?

I suspect most of us would do what the man ultimately did -- which was tell his son.

And you know what they say about don't kill the messenger. Because so many want to. The son was apparently furious with the dad and the two got into an argument. Four years later, the pair are still in court, where the son has sued his father for "injuries." It's unclear if these are physical injuries related to the fight -- or psychological injuries related to the shock of your dad telling you the woman you plan to marry is an escort.

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Hard to imagine why the son wouldn't be grateful that his dad told him about this tiny omission. Even if the son still wanted to marry her, escort job and all, at least he'd know what he was getting into. How could any parent have NOT told?

Plus, can you imagine the awkward family gatherings? Dad: Hey, Sophia, remember that time we almost had sex? Wasn't that funny? By the way, does my son still think you work at Spizzico?

But how often people blame bad news on the ones they hear it from. The son sounds like he's in total denial. No word on whether the couple still got married.

The father/son, however, still don't get along, since the judge was reportedly unable to broker a truce between them.

Did the dad do the right thing?


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Carme... Carmen8706

Uh... YEAH!!!! Who knows what kind of diseases she could be catching and spreading? And what if she gets pregnant and the baby isn't his? No form of birth control is 100% effective. Too bad the father's wife is married to a cheating ass on top of it.

Carme... Carmen8706

Oops, maybe the father wasn't married anymore. I misread that part.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I honestly don't believe this story. 1) I've read versions of it online since middle school. 2) A fake story of similar nature was just reported to have happened in China a few months back before people with common sense and the ability to google called BS on it.

Mandy Najera

Yes!  Dad did the right thing telling his son.  However, maybe his son already knew about it and was in on the "waitress" cover up along with his fiancee.  The son may have been so embarassed that his Father knew their secret and ultimately ruined his possible marriage arrangements that things really heated up badly.

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

The dad did exactly the right thing and the son is killing the messanger. If I know someone is cheating on someone I care about I will never keep my mouth shut,they can ignore it or not but I gave them the information that I had.

missy... missybest

I would tell my son/daughter if anything strange was going on - anything!  If that meant they decided to blame me, then so be it, that is their problem.  Never would allow friend or family to not hear the truth.  I have had this happen to me where a relative did not tell me very important information.  I should be the one to make my choices based on what my family and friends know - not go blindly along having no idea.  I would never do that to someone else - even if they decided to destroy our own relationship over it.  I would hope that one day they would see why I said what I did.  I have also had this happen.  Bearer of bad news (me) blamed.  Eventually, my daughter came to her senses about our relationship once she finally saw the truth for herself.  What she couldn't say was, "Oh my, why didn't you tell me?"  That, I think is worse.  It would then be a betrayal, in my opinion, like the situation I had where I was not told by a relative what they knew to be true.

adamat34 adamat34

Hehehe people are stupid lol

Elaine Kurpiel

OK.  This is my opinion and I am fully aware that most don't choose it.  No one wants to tell a lie BUT, it you want to tell someone the "truth" as you see it, some things need to be considered.

Is it known as a fact by you?  Is telling this fact, is it going to cause harm to the person or persons involved.  In this case, the father, the son, and his fiance.   I think, in this case, it would cause harm.  The father was afraid his penchant for prostitutes would come out - this would harm his family and children.  The son, may or may not already know and telling him may cause irrevocable  harm to him.  The fiance's choice is whether or not tell her fiance.  I don't think the father should have said a thing. If anything, he may have wanted to talk to the fiance and asked why she chose that life.  And even that is none of his business.  If we were as busy practicing kindness as we are anxious to tell anyone else all their poor choices, we would be a better person.  In other words, unless serious physical harm is going to occur, mind your own business.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I would say you definitely tell! Especially given she's going to be your in law one day?! No thank you to being on the receiving end of that story, but no thank you to inviting trash into my life to be with MY son!? OH NO, NO, NO. Kudos to pervy Dad! (But seriously, Ewww!)

luvprue1 luvprue1

I think the father should have stayed quite. The son likely knew what she does for a living, and he told the family that she was a waitress.

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