Awesome Police Officers Answer the Call of Diaper Duty (VIDEO)

Police officers DunwoodyPolice officers do many things for the citizens of our great country: They maintain order, they find your stolen car, they save lives, and in this case, they change diapers! This was all in a day’s work for the officers of the Dunwoody Police Department of Georgia.

What went down is this: Officers Kerry Stallings and Mark Steven responded to a call at a local Wal-Mart where a couple had been arrested for shoplifting. The parents had left their babies unattended in their car in the parking lot while they went to allegedly pilfer the superstore. When Stallings and Steven discovered the infants, it was evident that one was very much in need of a diaper change. Stevens, a father himself, jumped to action.


"I've changed many outside of work, but in 15 years, I've never had to change a diaper at work," he said. 

The story went viral after the Dunwoody Police Department posted it on their Facebook page, and now the two officers are being honored with a unique gift. The city council is awarding them official Dunwoody diaper bags, so they will always be ready to serve, protect, and change those diapers.

"I will carry that proudly. I will show up with my gear bag and my diaper bag on calls. And if I need to change a diaper out on a call, I have changed many before, and I can do another one," said Officer Stevens. 

This got me thinking, although changing diapers isn’t a usual occurrence in a police officer’s working day, perhaps having them in the trunk of their squad car may be a good idea. You never know what will happen in the line of duty, and to be prepared is something that police pride themselves on.

The other thing that is great about this story is that the police officers wear their father badge so proudly, willing to help a baby in need even though diaper changing is a dirty job that no one enjoys. Parenthood prepares you for so many things, apparently even police work.

Do you think that police officers should carry a changing bag in their squad cards just in case?

Image via Dunwoody Police Department

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