Pregnant Mom Drives Van With 3 Children Into Ocean (VIDEO)

mom drives van kids into oceanThree children nearly lost their lives in the sea yesterday. A pregnant mother drove her minivan into the ocean at Daytona Beach -- with her children ages 3, 9, and 10 inside. Two men ran in after them and managed to pull everyone out of the vehicle. One of those men, Tim Tesser, told WESH2, "The two in the back seat were crying, with their arms out saying, 'Our mommy's trying to kill us, please help!'" The older children were found first and frantically told their rescuers that the youngest sibling was still inside.

But what about the mother? Why did she do this? She remains a mystery.

Video taken by a witness shows the mother looking disoriented. Tesser says, "She had this look on her face. I can't describe it. It was just an awful blank look, like spaced out look." She's at a hospital under mental evaluation. The children were also taken to a hospital and are all reportedly okay.

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What looks like a suicide/murder attempt could actually be the result of an accident caused by medication, according to officials. Witnesses say they saw the van take a hard right off the road and head straight toward the water. It doesn't sound like her car malfunctioned. But we just don't know at this point. Whatever really happened, I feel for everyone in this family.

I don't even want to speculate why. I'm just glad everyone is still alive! Thank goodness those two men were there to rescue everyone. If the mom is in trouble, I hope she gets the help she needs.

What do you think caused this mother to drive into the ocean with her children?


Image via HeadlineNewsDesk/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Kristi

Mental instability. Thank God there are still people who would risk themselves to save others.

nonmember avatar Brielle

Just an FYI: This happened very near to my house. Daytona Beach is an area where there are beach ramps from the main road and visitors can actually drive right on the beach. I am so thankful and grateful for the people that jumped in to save the kids. I could hear how "angry" the ocean was yesterday from the front yard of my house and when it is like that,it is very unpredictable with currents pulling swimmers quickly out to sea. I hope those kids are able to recover mentally from this horrific incident and that they are taken care of by healthy family members from this point forward. Thank you again to the good Samaritans--may God bless them and the children!

Choco... Chocodoxies

"I don't even want to speculate why", BUT... "What do you think caused this mother to drive into the ocean with her children?"

Um... so you don't want to speculate (because that would sound an awful lot like you are trying to pass judgement and jump to conclusions about a situation we know absolutely nothing about) but hey, all of us should do just that! 

Denise O'Connor Sipes

This is why abortion is an option she has more kids than she wants and another on the way  why would the fucktard try to kill her innocent kids just because she is an asshole  I have no sympathy for her  and they need to take the baby she is carrying away and the other kids too before this moron successfully takes their lives.

Sierra Whitney Stephens

Denise, what you mean to say is this is why ADOPTION is legal. With abortion, she still would have killed her kids, just sooner rather than later.

nonmember avatar Deanna Michelle

Exactly what I was going to say Sierra! Wish I could "like" your comment a million times!

Jacee... Jacee2348

The video states that we need to be careful not to jump to any conclusions, but...  I conclude the woman was quick to climb her sorry ass out the window WITHOUT the 3 year old she had on her lap & I conclude that she made no effort to get her other 2 children out.  One can logically assume she wanted the children to remain in the water, permanently.  (though I hope I am proven wrong!)

fave82 fave82

This makes me so Damn mad. Mental Instability, my ass. What a Bitch.

proud... proudmommy690

Those poor kids!! I am so glad they are ok. So grateful to the people who saved them!

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