Miss Nebraska Teen Vanishes From Her Home While Taking Out the Trash

A 16-year-old pageant queen has been missing since Sunday, when she left her family's home to throw away trash and reportedly never returned.

Michaela Wells, who is USA National Miss Nebraska Teen, was last seen by her parents at 8:30 p.m. After spending the day shopping with her mother for a gown for the USA National Pageant, the teen returned home and seemed quite happy, according to her parents. She told her grandmother she was going to throw out the garbage, which usually takes her 10 minutes. But that was the last time Michaela's family saw her.

Michaela was wearing jeans, a hoodie, and black pumps when she went outside, leaving her coat and phone in the house, according to reports. It certainly doesn't sound like she was prepared to go out for an extended period of time. After 20 minutes, her father drove around the neighborhood to search for his daughter.

Her parents say they thought maybe she had taken off with a friend to IHOP, but that it wasn't like her to leave without warning. They also discovered that Michaela hadn't been in touch with her friends since earlier that day. They filed a missing person's report with the police a few hours later.

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As of now, police say they have no reason to suspect the teen was taken against her will or that foul play was involved. Which is wonderful because no news is good news.

At the same time, I feel terrible for Michaela's parents. It must be incredibly frustrating to know your child so well that you would swear on your life she'd never vanish willingly without warning, yet be told there's no reason to worry -- yet. I'd want everyone who has any power to help find my child out there worrying right along with me. I know the police are doing their jobs and working off of the limited evidence they have right now, but I can't imagine being in this teen's parents' shoes.

Our thoughts are with Michaela and her family and we hope the teen returns home quickly and safely.

If you were this teen's parents, would the cops' reaction infuriate or comfort you?


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sylph... sylph_ironlight

"Which is wonderful because no news is good news"

Are you serious? Her family is sitting at home, scared out of their minds because their daughter has disappeared and the police have no leads. While no obvious signs of struggle or foul play is better than  signs of violence, no news is NOT good news.

-42- -42-

Who wears pumps to take out the trash? Hope she is found safe, and is just being a silly teenager.

Wyatt... WyattsMom772

A teenage girl left her phone and purse?  They should automatically treat this as Foul Play,  What teenager buys a new dress, has fun with their parents and then leaves without her lifeline.. HER PHONE.  Precious time is wasting away.

nonmember avatar Kristi

No coat, in Nebraska this time of year? I would love to know the additional info the police have that they are not suspecting foul play.

Pink.... Pink.Frosting

No news is not good news and if you believe there was no foul play involved, you're clueless.

OliviaW. OliviaW.

I hope she is found safe. It's been really cold here the last few days.

shutu... shuturpiehole

No reason to suspect she was forced to leave yet she vanishes, leaves everything behind, and none of her friends have heard from her? Are the police THAT DUMB?

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

According to missing and unsolved she *did* have on a red floor length coat and has no affiliation with miss USA or miss Nebraska even tho there was a pic of her with a sash. That info came from an interview with her parents

adamat34 adamat34

Police do not release every detail of an investigation per guidelines they are treating this as a missing person I guarentee

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

This is in my neighborhood. Literally. She was wearing a coat for one. And two they can't say weather or not she left willingly but are investigating the possibility she left and she was abducted. 2nd they reported her missing Monday not "a few hours later". Which is not usual behavior for her. She often left overnight. What teenager is going to tell their parents every single time they leave? Hopefully she's found and is safe. This is very unusual for our area.

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