Grieving Woman Gets to Legally Marry Her Dead Fiancé

casketLove makes people do crazy things. That is the most logical explanation for one woman's decision to go on with the wedding after her fiance died weeks before they were supposed to tie the knot. And it's not simply a symbolic gesture. She can legally wed his corpse.


Needless to say, she was devastated when she lost him so close to the wedding date in 2012. But that would not be the end of their love story. How, you ask? Thanks to an obscure French law, President Francois Hollande can allow such a thing under special circumstances. It was established in 1959 after a dam bust in southern France, killing 420 people. At the time, President Charles de Gaulle received a letter from a pregnant woman whose fiance fell victim to the tragedy and he then wrote the law.

In this day and age, it's an unusual choice, to be sure. But one that the woman is intent on carrying through. "I will be his wife, I will carry his name," she told a reporter. "Although he is gone, he is still my man."

I think that at first look, this seem odd, even creepy. It would seem the healthier choice would be to move forward, move on with her life. But anyone who has suffered such an unimaginable tragedy knows that is easier said than done. Perhaps this will actually help her heal. It will bring their love full circle in a way.

It really is a sweet way to honor a love that was cut too short. It's a way of saying he is gone, but the love isn't. I just wonder how friends and family will react? Will she still hold a big ceremony? Do you bring gifts to such a thing? How does that work exactly? I guess all that matters is that this woman has peace knowing that she can still wed the love of her life.

Do you think a person should be able to marry their deceased fiance?


Image via Jonelle B./Flickr

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