Man Who Sexually Assaulted Stepsister Held in Basement Gets Slap on Wrist

A poor girl who was locked in her family's basement for six years and sexually assaulted and starved nearly to death doesn't seem to be getting much vindication. While her father, stepbrother, and stepmother were all arrested and have stood trial, their sentences seem incredibly light. The father, Chad Chritton, received five years. So did the stepmother. And now the stepbrother, who was found guilty of going down to the basement and sexually assaulting his stepsister, only received three years! However, two more were tacked on for another girl he sexually assaulted. Incredible!

The girl, who remains unidentified, was kept in her family's basement for six years, and testified that she was regularly beaten, threatened, sexually assaulted, starved, and even made to eat her own feces. She finally escaped when she was 15 years old and was found running down the street in nothing but light pajamas, weighing only 68 pounds!

From the beginning, the family had lots of excuses for why they treated the girl this way. They say she was difficult and had emotional problems. Yeah, I would be too if I were kept in a basement!

The girl wasn't even sent to school. But despite the family trying to blame everything on the girl, she is now in a foster home, attending school, and doing fantastic. Huh, strange!

The girl's stepbrother, Joshua Drabek, apparently took advantage of a young girl being held hostage in the basement to sexually assault her.

Yet he too was full of excuses and reportedly begged the judge to show him leniency, saying he needed counseling, not prison, and blaming his family for the way he is. He told the judge:

I need counseling. I need someone to talk to. I need help ... (30 years) says, 'oh, yeah, you were a victim but we don't care.'

The judge agreed that his family life was marked by dysfunction and showed him leniency. Well, I guess he still gets more time in prison than the "Affluenza teen" did for his crime -- which was all caused by his family's dysfunction, of course!

Prosecutors argued that Drabek had a "pattern of sexual offenses unrivaled at his age" -- which included two other sexual assault charges besides the one with his stepsister -- but the judge still went light on him, given that he was in his teens at the time of the crimes.

You wonder what exactly this guy, now 20, is going to be like when he gets out of prison!

At least the girl is away from this horrible "family" and seems to be doing well. Their sentences may be over in five years, but she will carry hers forever. Hopefully, she will be able to overcome it.

Do you think these sentences were fair?

Image via Dane County Jail



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Jozemom Jozemom

I'm just sick. Of course someone that sick came from a dysfunctional family, that doesn't mean what he did was ok! In fact, it's even more reason to keep him out of society for the rest of time; he clearly has no sense of right and wrong.  If all these pieces of garbage treated one person like this, there's a very good chance they will do it again five years from now.

nonmember avatar Rachel

He will come out and do it again. Rapists and Pedos can't be rehabilitated. They are broken. Either kill them or keep them locked up. They don't belong among society where it's only a matter of time until they do it again. And again and again.


@Rachel:The same for the "parents" too!

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

There really is no justice anymore for abused or raped or murdered women and children. NONE.

calim... calimomma707

im happy to read the young girl is looking at a brighter future, she deserves better than what she has known so far. good luck little lady.

will-... will-n-rys-mom

Seriously? People that do non-violent drug crimes get more time than that! It's an outrage!

Austi... Austinsmommy12

And there's a dude in Atlanta being locked up and charged with a felony, being fired, fined, and marked for life as a sexual aggressor for having consensual sex with a 21 year old woman in his custody. Yeah he's an idiot with poor judgement, but does it compare to THIS?? Wtf is wrong with the way this world thinks nowadays?!

Delmar Dilley

those sentences were way to leanient he'll get out and prey on someone else

nonmember avatar LCC

I've been watching this case in the news for several years. It was reported initially that the girl's father and his lawyer declared she was lying entirely, and that she had "problems." Given those initial arguments against her, it is a victory that all three of her torturers (father, stepmother, and stepbrother) were eventually convicted. Yes, their sentences are shamefully short, but at least the world now knows those monsters by name for the criminals they are. So many abused children receive no justice and are left alone in the world, branded as crazy or liars. At least this girl rescued herself and has had her experience vindicated by the court of law as well as the court of public opinion.

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