Mom Slaps Daughter & Dad Dies When Police Arrive to Help (VIDEO)

Luiz Rodriguez and his wife and 19-year-old daughter had planned to spend an evening together at a movie theater in Oklahoma. But things got complicated after mom Nair and their daughter began fighting and Nair slapped the teen. Police were called to end the "domestic dispute" at the theater, but instead of focusing on mom and daughter, they wound up restraining Luiz. The man died, possibly as a result of his encounter with the cops -- and the entire odd and sad episode was caught on video by his wife.

Nair has accused the police officers of brutality and can't understand why they pepper sprayed her husband and dragged him to the ground when she and her daughter were the ones involved in the dispute. According to the mom, Luiz had been trying to calm her down after the fight and didn't deserve to have five officers holding him to the ground.

But the officers say Luiz refused to produce ID when asked and was confrontational. They claim their actions were not unreasonable given how "combative" he had become.

Nair pulled out her phone as police had Luiz on the ground, but the footage begins when he's already face to the concrete, so it's impossible for us to determine how "combative" he had been. Nair can be heard screaming in the video and then questioning why he was not moving. A cop finally approached her and let her know an ambulance had been called to check on Luiz.

Until an autopsy is performed, it's impossible to determine the exact cause of Luiz's death. Judging solely by this video footage, it doesn't seem like the cops are using excessive force, but it's very difficult to get a clear picture of what exactly is happening to the man on the ground.

What a sad and terrifying story. A young woman has lost her father and a woman lost her life companion -- over what was probably a silly dispute. I hope this family receives answers and closure as soon as possible.

Here's the video footage captured by Nair:

What do you think about the details of this heartbreaking and strange story?


Image via YouTube

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worki... workingmama86

so it takes 5 cops to wrestle one man? Yea that seems legit. Considering the cops are trained to take down people twice their size.... smh.


Einyn Einyn

Until we know more don't go blaming the cops. Why do people resist? Drives me nuts. But the more important thing to me is why if you're so worried and stressed do you break out the cell phone camera?!

Sara B. Ware

It is literally unbearable to watch this.

Jenna... Jennasmom08

He is not even moving, let alone "resisting" anything

nonmember avatar Melissa

Why the cops lye to her when she asked about her husband? Why didn't the cops find out what was going on first? The reason cops get blamed cause people r starting to realize how fucked up majority of them r & any more we need to protect our

selves from them. It says their here to serve & protect but the way things have changed they're here only to serve & protect their selves which is sad

Jacee... Jacee2348

Would've been nice to have video of what caused the officers to have to take this man down, but clearly he is no longer resisting and one officer keeps his knee in the guy's back anyways.  But on the flip side, the guy could be pretending to be subdued so the officers will let up & he can flee.  Regardless, I believe the officers will be put under some scrutiny for this one - and clearly the lady will sue - she made sure to mention the color of the officers and she made sure nobody got in her way of recording.  It's sad no matter what, but I'd have to hear the officer's sides of the story and any other witnesses to pass judgment on whether or not these actions were called for.  Not enough to go on based on the video beginning after the man was subdued.

croneasm croneasm

I disagree with most of you.  I went to the academy and am still very close with a lot of people who are cops.  You don't know what happened prior to starting that video and those officers sounded out of breath so there was a fight and believe me when adrenaline can give people intense power.  I am VERY sorry for what happened but that lady should have thought of HER actions, she created the problem. 

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I think this all hinges on how "combative" the man was because merely refusing to produce identification is within your constitutional rights, when not driving or flying. It is not cause for arrest unless you are being charged or police have reasonable suspicion you have committed a crime, unless in a "stop and frisk" state which OK is not.

lulou lulou

I think the mom is not telling the whole story.

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