American Student Having Time of His Life Abroad in Rome Found Dead (VIDEO)

john durkinThis phrase may certainly be overused, but it's more than appropriate here: This is every parent's worst nightmare. A U.S. student was studying abroad in Italy when he mysteriously disappeared. Sadly, his body was found dead inside a railroad tunnel in central Rome, according to police.

John Durkin, 21, an economics major, was from Rye Beach, New Hampshire. He attended Bates College in Maine but, like so many other college kids, opted to do a study abroad program in Rome through Trinity College.

His father, Tim Durkin, is reportedly in Rome as well in an attempt to find his son.

"This situation is deeply distressing for John's family, his fellow students and the entire Bates community," Bates College said in a statement. "We are working actively with Trinity College to monitor events as they evolve."

So deeply sad and tragic about a young life taken too quickly. Now that the body has been found, questions are inevitably to follow: Was there any foul play?


Apparently, two days ago, he went out to a bar with his friends and never returned. It seems that he left the bar alone.

Everyone who knew him must be so deeply affected by his loss. It must be devastating for his family, knowing that he was having the time of his life studying and partying in Rome, only for him to never return. Anyone who has studied abroad knows the amazing memories and moments students take away from trips like these. He was also a linebacker for Bates College, and Durkin’s football coach said the 21-year-old will be greatly missed:

"The Bates football family is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and teammate John Durkin," Mark Harriman said. "John’s commitment to excellence in all phases of his life was inspirational to the other members of the squad and a major factor in the team’s success over the past three years."

Just goes to show that even if you're a big bad linebacker, you still need to be so careful, especially if you're drinking, especially if you're in a foreign country. The circumstances surrounding his death aren't yet known -- it appears that he was hit by a train -- but it's impossible not to feel heartbroken over a young man taken so soon when it should have been the time of his life. Condolensces to his friends and family as they desperately try to find answers to what happened during John's final hours.

Here's more on the story:

Do you think there was foul play involved or just a tragic accident?


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