Hailey Owens Murder Suspect Says He Didn't Do It Despite Girl's Body in His Home (VIDEO)

The elementary school athletics coach charged in the death of 10-year-old Hailey Owens reportedly says he didn't kill the little girl, despite her body being found wrapped in trash bags in his bleach-soaked basement. He was also reportedly found to have child pornography in his home and more than a dozen guns. Police reportedly found a three-ring binder containing child porn and they seized computers, video recordings and hand-written journals. Craig Michael Wood is accused of snatching little Hailey off a Springfield, Missouri street just blocks from her home in broad daylight as neighbors watched in horror. However, Wood reportedly plans to plead not guilty and says he had nothing to do with her murder.

Hailey was found shot in the head and with ligature marks on her wrists, indicating she had probably been tied up.

She was found stuffed into trash bags and plastic containers in Wood's basement. With all of that, it sounds incredible that Wood plans to plead not guilty, but it happens. Everyone has the right to plead not guilty -- doesn't mean they will be found not guilty!

Wood reportedly had denied that he had anything to do with Hailey's death and said he wasn't anywhere near children that day -- never mind that Hailey's body was in his basement.

Also, reportedly Wood was not poor. Police apparently found evidence of a $1 million trust in his name in his home. Yet he has been given a public defender thus far. Incredible!

Shockingly, Wood was an elementary school athletic coach, and also a teacher's aide. He was around children all day long!

And, yet, Wood's only criminal history was possession of a controlled substance and taking of wildlife, both charges happened years ago.

Terrifying that this man was allegedly stockpiling child porn and eyeing up a children to snatch and kill and yet had no history of this kind of behavior. And yet if he is pleading not guilty in the face of this much evidence -- well, his defense must be heard. You never know what strange circumstances could lead you to being the main suspect in a murder case and everyone has the right to defend his or herself.

He certainly has a mountain of reported evidence to explain.

The death penalty is being considered in the case.

Does it surprise you that this person had no criminal history and will plead not guilty?



Image via 41ActionNews

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Coles... Coles_mom

He was seen by at least FOUR people pulling her into his truck!!!! There is seriously no way he will get exonerated by a jury. I live an hour from where this happened and I'm hoping against hope he gets the death penalty. 

sterl... sterling21

He kidnapped and shot a little girl, his co inmates are probably trying to find ways to kill him. He is a coward and deserves the death penalty he can plead insanity for all I care, he is not getting off.

Amanda Packer Streeter

His pleading not guilty means he can be given the death penalty, so there is a positive side to it. This creature s sick and needs to stop breathing our air!


The only reason he doesn't have a criminal record is because he was never caught. Now, that's about to change.

notab... notabosley

I agree with prima487.

nonmember avatar allison

These are felony charges & so his lawyer is required to put in a plea of not guilty for him in this early stage.

Sweet... SweetOrangeMama

I hope they look into other missing children cases from the area over the years he has been there & find out if he had anything to do with them. I hope they drop his butt in prison & let everyone know what he did!

jjoy40 jjoy40

Maybe I'm missing something...multiple people saw her abducted?!?!?


Og_gl... Og_gleaves

Yes reportedly not only did people see him snatch her but someone is claiming he also chased after them but they got away too soon. Also I know one of the witnesses was able to get his plate numbers, it's said that they knew of him very quickly but unfortunately had to wait for a warrant to enter his home. It was four hours until they were able to go inside and when they did that's when they apparently found the little girl. It's a very sad and sick. Anyway it's crazy I've noticed lately reading the articles on the stir really only give minor details, it's very frustrating. The only reason I'm aware of the details to this case is because I live in the area otherwise I don't know crap and there's been a few articles I have to go search for myself to find out what's really going on. I suppose these articles are more opinion based, meh can't complain still comeback anyway.

gwebk... gwebkeijmmm

The plates weren't registered in his name, but his parents who lived in another town. That's why it took so long (and really only hours) to connect him to that truck. He was pulling up to his home when the police caught up to him a few hours later meaning he'd already murdered Hailey and stashed her body. Logically, he killed her within an hour of taking her. He's a monster and will get what's coming to him.

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