Body of Missing Mom Found in Car With 7 Parking Tickets on It

Nadia Malik, a 22-year-old mother from Philadelphia with two young daughters, disappeared from her home on February 9. After an extensive multistate search, her body was recently found -- in the front seat of her car, which had been parked on the same block for two weeks and had racked up seven parking tickets during that time.

Thanks to an anonymous phone tip, police recovered the young mom's body, which they found in her car's front seat. Although her body showed no signs of physical trauma, it was discovered buried under a pile of books. Her car had tinted windows and had also been covered with a thick blanket of snow from recent storms for most of the time it was parked in the same illegal spot -- which may explain why meter maids ticketed it so many times but failed to see the young woman inside of the vehicle.

Adding to the bizarre details of this case, Nadia's 25-year-old boyfriend Bhupinder Singh, who is the father of her children, was found in Ohio and has been in custody since February 12 for violating probation charges. He hasn't been charged in Nadia's death, but police say they are questioning him about it. So far, he has revealed that he and Nadia had a fight and that he left her in a car in Pennsylvania before taking a Greyhound bus from New York to stay with his parents in Ohio.

But there's more. One of Nadia's friends claims he spoke with the mom over the phone before her disappearance and that she claimed Bhupinder wasn't "letting her go." One of Nadia's brothers also added that he spoke to his sister around the same time and that he heard her scream in the background before the phone hung up on him.

Obviously, there's a lot more we still need to learn about this case. Was Nadia harmed by someone else or did she hurt herself? Did Bhupinder plan to travel to Ohio, or was his an impulsive decision? Why did Nadia scream over the phone?

Let's just hope her two young daughters are staying with relatives or friends who are taking good care of them while police try to glue together the pieces of this strange and heartbreaking case.

What are your thoughts on the details of this case?


Image via Jenn Durfey/Flickr

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

Slumped over in the front seat, with books on top of her? I'm gonna go with foul play on this one

nonmember avatar myop

I don't live in a town with parking meters or parking enforcement officers, but why wouldn't they just tow the car after 2-3 tickets or after a few days of being parked illegally ? Also, it seems like someone dropped the ball somewhere being that she was a missing person and her car was there with her in it. Didn't they think it was strange that the car was there for an extended period of time? Why not check the name on the tag to see if they are missing or even have warrants?

Vinta... VintageWife

Seriously? Yeah, I'm guessing she just fell over in the seat, let's say a heart attack or something, and then books magically appeared and fell on her. Seems legit. Great reporting!

Ghett... GhettoKoolAide

How could they not smell the decomp. That stuff is beyond wicked

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

People just don't pay attention. My friends brother was in a car crash and he sat in that car in the woods for days with his dead friend beside him. He was badly injured and couldn't get out or get a door open but several people passed his car while walking dogs and nobody got close enough to investigate or called police. He survived but spent weeks in hospital and months recovering. If someone had investigated sooner he wouldn't have been in such rough shape.

lasombrs lasombrs

I agree with myop. Do they not have to turn in records of what they ticket and and where at the end of the day to be entered into a computer somewhere? ( assuming they walk and do it on paper and don't have computers to run plates themselves) how did that not trigger an alert somewhere?

Frost... FrostyMelted

Pretty typical for America.

Fondue Fondue

Frosty--take your America-bashing elsewhere.  It's not welcome here.

nonmember avatar Tara L

I live in the suburbs of Philly and it has been freezing here since December pretty much. We have also had several storms that have dumped a few feet of snow total. Her car was most likely turned into a freezer. Cars will be ticketed many times and not towed. They will most likely put a boot on the car for unpaid parking tickets before towing it.

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