Crazy Gun Fight Between Brave Mom & 3 Burglars Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

assault rifleI have long been of the mindset that no suburb or city dweller has a reason to own an assault rifle. I thought that was especially true if they have kids in the house. But that stance may be softening a bit after hearing the scary situation a Detroit mom found herself in. Late one night, three hooded, young men kicked in her back door planning to rob her home while she and her children were inside. If it were not for her assault rifle, who knows what they would have done to the mother-of-two. They messed with the wrong mom and the entire crazy incident was caught on a security camera.


As they forced their way in, she yelled that she had a gun. They didn't believe her. In their mind, this mom was defenseless. They couldn't have been more mistaken. She aimed and shot at them, sending them fleeing from her house. One of the intruders had a hand gun and tried to re-enter the house, but she pulled the trigger again and he finally ran off.

It's a frightening situation, but this mom says she didn't have time to be scared. Instinct kicked in and she had to protect her family. Though she admits feeling the fear afterward. She recalls her daughter saying, "Oh no mommy, I don't want them to take my piggy bank or my toys." Fortunately, no one was hurt and police arrested three teenage suspects.

I'm no huge fan of firearms. Typically, I am a proponent of gun control. But there are some situations that put a dent in that resolve. In places like Detroit, which have essentially become hell on earth, good people need to defend themselves. I heard about another street there where the neighbors let it be known that each house held gun owners. As a result, there has been a reduction of crime and break-ins -- on that particular stretch of street. It’s a shame this is what is takes to protect your family, but as a parent, I suppose you have to do what you can to keep you and your kids alive.   

Watch the scary break-in:

What do you think about what this mom did?

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