Mother Charged With Murder After Missing 7-Week-Old's Body Is Found in Ditch

A Tennessee mom has been charged with first-degree murder after her 7-week-old baby was found dead in a ditch by a motorcyclist this weekend, according to police. Little Aniston Walker was reported missing on January 6 after her mother, Andrea Walker, claimed she had left the infant at home alone with her 3-year-old while she took her older child to school. You may recall that Andrea had already faced problems with the law, as she had been previously charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of aggravated child neglect or endangerment. But her latest act of negligence has resulted in the loss of a tiny angel.

Police are still unsure of how the baby died and an autopsy is being conducted this week. Here's what we do know: after Andrea returned from dropping off her 5-year-old, she found that her infant had "disappeared" from the home. She called the baby's father, who didn't live with them, and he reported Aniston missing. She then left her toddler home alone AGAIN in order to scour the neighborhood looking for her baby.

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It's impossible for most of us to fathom what Andrea was thinking in the first place, leaving an infant and a toddler all by themselves in a house filled with items and objects that could be potentially dangerous or fatal. I wish we could assume she wasn't thinking properly because her infant had vanished, but it's clear she left them alone at other times, as well.

Prior to the discovery of Aniston's body, Andrea pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated child abuse or neglect and was free on $250,000 bond. She has since turned herself in and has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

How incredibly sad. This poor little baby never had a chance to experience life. I hope her siblings are placed with relatives who are caring and sensitive to the fact that they've just lost a baby sister AND a mom.

What do you think about the details of the case surrounding this little baby's death?


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zombi... zombiemommy916

So she murdered her baby and then threw her in a DITCH?!? Jesus Christ...praying that she didn't suffer...

nonmember avatar Sarah

Where was the father when all this happened? ( Everyone always asks where was the mother when a father hurts the child). RIP little one.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Why do both articles by The Stir say 7 months, yet the news keeps saying the baby was only 7 weeks? Is fact checking that difficult?

Bruic... Bruickson

I was wondering the same thing Ashley. All the reports I've seen said the baby was 7 weeks.

Jacee... Jacee2348

I'm so tired of hearing stories about parents murdering their children.  Good gosh, if you hate kids that much then stop having them or at least drop them off at a hospital, fire station, police station, etc. - any designated safe haven where you will not be prosecuted and your child can have a shot at a decent life.    :(

nonmember avatar Amazed

it breaks my heart to see this over & over again, every day in the news that a child or baby has been murdered at the hands of their own parents. there are so so many families/couples who want to adopt children. why not let them adopt your children if you cannot/will not care for them...and worse yet if you think you may hurt them. these stories just tear my heart out- every last one of them. i look at my beautiful daughters and do not know how anyone can harm a child, seriously. sure they can frustrate you and being a parent can be tough....but they are kids. they depend on you for everything. they didn't ask to be born. YOU brought them into this world (and no, you do NOT have the power to take them out). RIP baby and may your mom and whoever else is responsible for your death have their day of judgement before the court and most importantly GOD

nonmember avatar kp

So sad. She was previously found to be neglectful/abuseive? System fail once again. Check that family well before they get to raise siblings, don't fail them again, poor things.

mkmom... mkmommy0406

This story is not correct. The baby was 7 weeks old.

Ilove... Ilovemybbgrl

They didn't lose a mom. She wasn't a mom. Just because she gave birth to them didn't make her a "mom"! I hope she gets life! What an awful story :( rip little baby

Railr... RailroadGirl

That's what you are going to focus on? So the article had the wrong age. It doesn't matter if the baby was 7 weeks or 7 months or 7 years old she was taken out of this world by her own mother. She never had a real chance at life. Her siblings lost a sister. Her family lost a niece a cousin a granddaughter. R.I.P Aniston.

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