Teenage Girl Shot in the Head & Killed for Egging Man's Car

Adrian Broadway
Adrian Broadway
A teenage prank turned deadly on Saturday when a man opened fire and allegedly killed a 15-year-old girl. Adrian Broadway and five of her friends were covering Willie Noble's car with eggs and leaves for the second time that evening when Noble grew irate, and opened his door and started shooting. Noble reportedly shot Broadway in the head and she died a short while later at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Noble is now facing one count of first degree murder, one count of a terroristic act, and five counts of aggravated assault. All because of a stupid prank.

It's completely understandable that Noble would be upset and angry that a bunch of teenagers, for the second time that evening, were covering his car with eggs, leaves, and mayonnaise. But the bottom line is, he should have called the cops. A young girl didn't deserve to die over this. What she needed was a talking to and a scare by police officers, not a bullet to the head. Also, according to reports, the prank was a retaliation to a prank Noble's son had done to some of the people in the group on Halloween night.

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Giving Noble the benefit of the doubt, I'm going to assume he was merely trying to give the kids a scare, as knowingly murdering a teenager for being a teenager is positively insane. But it was really bad judgment on his part, because any time guns are in involved, there's potential for something to go horribly wrong. Now, a child is dead, and he will likely spend a good portion of his life in jail. He would have been much smarter to just call the police.

What do you an appropriate punishment is for Noble?



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bills... billsfan1104

Doing once is a prank/vandelism Doing it twice is vandelism. And they can't use the excuse it was in retaliation for a Halloween prank. That was over 4 months ago.

She she of died?? Nope, but it is a lesson learned, don't fuck with people's shit.

SoJaided SoJaided

So sad. Kids are dumb. We all were at some point and did stupid things, but to kill a CHILD for this?! Ugh, too many kids dying because some asshole has an itchy trigger finger

SoJaided SoJaided

You're disgusting Billsfan; but most of your posts are

bills... billsfan1104

SoJaided, I haven't posted in here in months.

These kids did something way stupid, and they paid the ultimate price for it. It's not like they went to house and vandalized HIS property once. They went out for a second time. Do I think she should have been killed? Absolutely not. But kids have to be taught that they do not know who or what is in someone's home. Also they need to be taught not to fuck with other people's shit. They had not right to trespass( twice) and vandalize his car(twice).

nonmember avatar Katherine

It is absolutely tragic that a young life was lost like this. Teenagers are such idiots but come on! You can't shoot them! Also the media hasn't mentioned "teenage BLACK girl" Why?????? Oh because the perp is BLACK too. I wonder if Jamie Foxx is going to get a tshirt for this girl too like he did with Trayvon....

lamom... lamommy23

katherine I was thinking the same thing since it was black on black crime it wont be all over the news

nonmember avatar SickOfDumbCons

And he had no right to shoot her in the head. Which is worse, bill? Eggs or bullets? What the hell is wrong with you?

fave82 fave82

I have to agree with billsfan. And no one is saying she deserved to die, AT ALL. One thing I think all kids (and adults for that matter) need to start learning/remembering is that people are GOD DAMN CRAZY. What you think is something small and harmless could be just the thing to set someone off. Even when driving, if you honk at someone, you never know what nut bag is gonna be behind the wheel and take out their rage on you. I know it's sad but it's very very true.

aajm-... aajm-momma

Damn the 90% of us should be dead according to bills logic I know my house was egged as a teen and we went to list papering with a few added things on top of the toilet paper and the thought never occurred wed be shot and killed. Should he of called the cops yep why use a gun bullets are permanent solution to a washable problem. Its sad how many PEOPLE use guns TO SCARE and end up killing for no damn reason

Daisy... DaisyJupes

Did they draw charges from a hat? It seems it would be something along the lines of aggravated murder (or first/second, depending on state law) and that's it. Where the hell does terrorism come into play?

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