Father Brutally Kills 7-Year-Old Disabled Son But Won't Spend One Day in Prison

A father brutally murdered his 7-year-old son but will not spend one day in prison. Jeremiah Wright was found not guilty by reason of insanity of beheading his young son, who suffered from cerebral palsy, and leaving his head in the front yard in Louisiana where his mother could find it. People throw around the term "mentally ill" now so frequently that sometimes you forget that there are people who are so truly mentally gone that they have no clue what planet they are living on. This was apparently the case with Wright, said the judge, who sentenced him to a mental hospital.

Poor little Jori Lirette sounds like he didn't have much chance in this life. He was born with a condition that required round-the-clock care to parents who were apparently unequipped to deal with him. Especially Wright, who had been clinically insane for most of his life.

At some point Wright began to believe that little Jori was a "CPR dummy" and not a real child. He reportedly let it be known that he didn't want to care for a dummy, and Jori's mother, Jesslyn Lirette, had reported Wright's threats about Jori to the police. She had even obtained a restraining order against him -- the second one since Jori had been born.

The night before Jori was killed, Wright reportedly argued with Jesslyn about him staying in the house. The next day, he took Jori, reportedly held him over the kitchen sink, and brutally murdered him with a meat cleaver. He then spread his body parts around outside.

Wright reportedly believed that Jori was a "social experiment" and told psychiatrists: "I don't believe they can do anything to me because it wasn't a real person. His skull was made of plastic. He had foam in him."

The judge who sentenced him apologized to Jori's family but said no other decision could have been made given Wright's long medical history.

I'd just like to take a moment and think of this poor little boy. If you ever think your life is tough, think of little Jori. He didn't stand a chance.

I also sincerely hope that Wright is never let out of the mental hospital where he will be held. The judge has seen all of the evidence and I have to assume he did what is right. But I find it mighty convenient he kills his son the day after he argues with the boy's mother.

Do you think this was the right sentence?

Image via Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office

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Amber Richardson

This man had a long history of insanity, proved by doctors and looks like police. Yes he needs to be in a mental hospital to get some help. Will he ever be able to intergrate back into society? I have no idea, maybe with the right meds and some accuall treatment. The man is horrible for what he did, but on the other hand, this will force him to get the help he despretly needs

work4... work4mickey

Why did his mom leave him with the dad when she knew he had a history if violence and that he was insane?

adamat34 adamat34

Ditto work...if this was ongoing and documented why was he left alone with this child??

Seems like there should be more people charged even if for involuntary manslaughter they didn't protect this child. That's a crime in itself.

nonmember avatar d bullock

The Greattttttt..... Amor-rica !!!!!!!!!!!

Jozemom Jozemom

I'm sure the mother didn't want to, it sounds like she tried again and again to keep her child from him, but if the father has court ordered rights to see his child, she could not legally keep the child from his father. I am personally disgusted that this man was allowed unsupervised visits with his child considering his history of extreme insanity. 

zombi... zombiemommy916

Bull****, sorry! I'm not disputing the fact that this man is believed to be insane but I'm having a difficult time buying his "CPR dummy" story...I mean, you obviously can't make sense of why insane people do the things they do BUT (as the author also pointed out), what about the argument with his wife? And if he was "filled with foam", why decapitate him over a sink? Unless you were fully aware things would get messy? Horribly morbid but I think it's a valid point! And I also believe the mother, regardless of her grief and stance on the situation, should be at least charged with child endangerment!! I don't care what the law requires you to do, you don't let insane people around your children, especially one who was completely dependent!!!

Rest in heaven little Jori

Kelly Walters

After reading the article I'm still confused.  He was still living with his son and girlfriend at the time of the murder.  What kind of person forms a relationship with an insane person to begin with?

Anoth... AnotherKim

How long is he sentenced to the mental hospital? The guy who shot Pres. Regan was sentenced to a psychiatric hospital (prison?) and 30 years later, he's still there. It's posible this "father" will have the same punishment. Prison? Pych Hospital? Either way he's locked up. I just son't understand how he had access to the child if the mom had a resraining order. There has to be more to this story.

Prett... PrettyGirl1980

My sister was told if her ex doesn't see their dd my sister will go to jail and he will get full custody. The catch? He tried to kill their dd 7 years ago. Literally took a piece of wood with nails sticking out of it and smashed her in the back for not washing her hair properly she was 4. But hey he went to parenting classes and did what the judge said to so he's a great guy now.(sarcasm)

So those saying what you are, that it's the moms fault you are wrong.

NanaPete NanaPete

So....someone who had been clinically INSANE most his life was left alone with this little 7 yr old boy who had NO WAY to defend himself. States now provide in-home care providers just for this situation. Who knows what things he did to him all these years before he murdered him. Bless his heart. The father needs to be made to do manual labor for the rest of his life. That's what's wrong with the inmates NOW..They have access to weight rooms, swimming pools, yoga, college classes, chef classes, etc. No wonder our incarceration facilities are full of REPEAT OFFENDERS. Free meals, Cable TV and a warm place to sleep.....just venting!!!!!!

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