Man Accused of 'Squeezing' 2-Year-Old Daughter to Death to Punish His Wife (VIDEO)

I will never understand killing your child to punish your spouse, but tragically this is something we see over and over. The latest person accused of committing this heinous act is 26-year-old Salvador Sanchez-Orozco of Tacoma, Washington. Authorities and family say that Sanchez-Orozco was upset about his marital difficulties with his wife, which apparently started over some "questionable" Facebook posts he saw on her wall. It all ended when Sanchez-Orozco allegedly "squeezed" his 2-year-old daughter to death.

After seeing some undetailed Facebook messages that he didn't like, Salvador Sanchez-Orozco and his wife, Faye, split up. But apparently they had long been having difficulties. A relative told KOMO News:

Salvy loved Faye but he didn't know how to express it. The only way he could express it was to lash out at her.

No doubt this is not a way to express your love. And apparently Faye got sick of it, for soon, she began seeing another man after their split. Nevertheless, Sanchez-Orozco continued to help take care of his 2-year-old daughter, Daveena.

But last month, things took a turn for the worst when Sanchez-Orozco apparently tried to hang himself with a dog leash. He also threatened to take his daughter to Mexico. Still, however, he was allowed to visit his little girl, as no one suspected he would end up doing the unthinkable despite his very troublesome behavior.

But then Sanchez-Orozco came to pick up his daughter one day and found a man visiting his estranged wife. He didn't do anything about it then, but came back on an unscheduled day to get his daughter. He was allowed to have her, as surely the wife had absolutely no idea what was seething inside.

Prosecutors say that the distraught dad brought Daveena to his home and then "squeezed" her until she could no longer breathe. He then tried to take his own life -- this time with a dog collar around his neck. But he called police and asked for help.

Police found him alive, but it was too late for little Daveena. He reportedly told detectives: "I strangled her, I snapped."

The little girl's great-grandfather says the only possible motive for doing this would be to "get back at Faye."

How I truly wish that parents would never get to this point. How horrible can things be that you would take your child's life in revenge? It's bad enough to deprive your child of a parent by taking your own, but snuffing out a young life that loves and trusts you ... it's just unthinkable.

If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

Do you have any words for the little girl's family?


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nonmember avatar lilah

Poor Salvy, he could only express his love through violence. Let's all feel sorry for him and see that he gets the help he desperately needs instead of the death penalty. On second thought, hang him.

the4m... the4mutts

If someone attempts suicide, they should be restricted to supervised visits until they have a required amount of therapy and a dr deems them safe. Period.

About 3 yrs ago, I snapped. I was on medication for mild depression that ended up making me suicidal, and caused hallucinations and severe mood swings.

I happened to still be lucid enough to recognize the danger this posed, and got help. I also sent all 4 of my kids (even the youngest who belongs to my current husband) to live with my ex husband most of the time. He worked nights, so he handled all the kids all morning and afternoon, until my (then) fiance got home from work, then brought them all here, where I had help supervising them.

I weaned off the meds, and started a more mild one, then weaned off that. The whole time working with a therapist, and an MD. It took about 4 months I think.

There were no courts involved, because I sought help on my own. But if someone tries to kill themselves, and does not seek help, the courts need to step in to prevent things like this from happening.

Mental health is never a reason to harm your children. If you don't have the support that I did, and don't have the mind to ask for help, it should be forced by the courts.

Jenny Lesko

Someone should squeeze him to death.....

nonmember avatar Angry mom!

I hope he is successful at killing himself in prison!

cmw327 cmw327

Sick Freak!!!!! His daughter was most likely looking at her father and screaming out for help!! He should be strangled!!

hopea... hopealways4019

In my opinion if a husband..child father shows any violent tendency towards spouse...they separate..he shouldnt be allowed to have unsupervised visit with child. This mother ignored the fact..this man showed he was unstable over and over. But she probably.wanted a babysitter.. So she let her child go with crazy dad. So she can entertain new man.

court... court_1989

This is in the same town as me. Sooo sad

nonmember avatar tina

Hopealways that is a ridiculous statement. You have no idea what the mother was trying to do regarding his visitation and you make horrible assumptions.

nonmember avatar Audrey

Actually, he showed up at the grandparent's where they were caring for her while the mother was at work and he took her. The mother didn't allow the visit.

sterl... sterling21

These stories are so shocking because this does not always happen when a father has visitation. Why is the mother being blamed for being a decent mom and allowing her daughter to have a mother and father. This guy was crazy, the exception to the rule.

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