Mom's Ignorant RSVP Reply to Party Hosted By Gay Dads Was Totally Uncalled For

Two dads were shocked and saddened when they sent out invites to their daughter Sophia's seventh birthday party, only to get a nasty note back from one mom who didn't want her son subjected to the men's gay "lifestyle." The mom scrawled over the cute balloon-decorated RSVP card:

Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle.'

And just in case that didn't make her point, she had a few more nasty things to say.


The mom added:

I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me ...

And then she left her phone number. Yeah, because I'm totally sure these guys want to call up this homophobe and have a chat.

Well, look, if people don't want to "believe" in homosexuality, that is their own business. But if your kid is friends with the kid with the homosexual parents, why can't you keep your ridiculous attitude out of it? Teaching your kids that gay parents are bad is exactly the same as not letting your kid go to the party of a couple of another race or a mixed couple. It is NOT the same as not letting your kid go to a house where you know there are dog fights, or drugs being used, or some other dangerous, illegal activity.

Of course, others would totally say that homosexuality is immoral and why should they let their kids be around immoral people? I would say these people have their heads up their asses. To-may-to, tuh-mah-to.

The woman says she feels sorry for Sophia, but I really feel sorry for Tommy. I bet he can't wait to get out of that house. And if he's gay, he's surely going to have a very tough time in that family. Sad!

Oddly, the woman agreed to let a local radio station post her note on its Facebook wall -- and include her number! I guess she wants to argue with people that call her. But not exactly safe for her child.

What do you think about what the mom did?

Editor's Note: Steve and Leeana, the hosts of the radio show, have confessed they made this hoax up. I'll admit I was suspicious, given the rash of similar hoaxes we've seen (plus the all-too-common names Sophia and Tommy and the perfect handwriting), however I figured with a phone number attached, perhaps it was real after all. Bizarre that they would do this. But I'm sure there are really people who feel this way! No need to create a fiction about it and make homosexuals feel even more oppressed. Stupid prank.

Image via KJOY98.3/Facebook

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