Woman Gets Back at Cheating Boyfriend by Cutting Off Tattoo of His Name

broken heartI'm a fan of the boyfriend tattoo. There. I admitted it. It's romantic and I don't believe it's a curse to get one. There are plenty of people out there with their loved one's name or some special design tattooed on their body that symbolizes their love for another person. If you like tattoos, it's quite romantic. And if the relationship ends, you can always get it removed or covered up.

Which is why I think cutting the tattoo off of your body with a knife is a completely insane thing to do. Isn't it? Torz Reynolds, 26, thought it was a good idea. She had a tattoo that read "Chopper's Bitch" on her arm for Stuart "Chopper" May, her former boyfriend who ending up cheating on her. I get being upset and all, but cutting your skin off is being spiteful to yourself. Chopper is just going to think she's lost her mind. And he knows all about it. Because not only did she cut it off, she mailed it to him.

Torz ... I know we don't know each other, but I really wish we could have had a sit-down before you went and did this.

The story is awful -- she was scorned bad and I really feel for her. Torz thought she and Chopper broke up because he was moving to Alaska for his dream job. They had been together for two years. She did the whole tearful goodbye and long hug at the airport, but then the jerk resurfaced around the UK where he now lives with another woman. Chopper was the real bitch -- he had been cheating on her for six months. That's a long time, dude. Couldn't you just break up with her and spare everyone the drama?

So Torz did what no woman I know would ever do (at least they haven't done it yet). She took out a scalpel and cut her tattoo -- Chopper's Bitch -- off her her arm, packaged it with a bow, and mailed it to him.

Self-harm. This is really serious. And I'm worried for this woman. But she's shrugging it off saying:

At the end of the day, it's only skin and it will grow back. 

She also added that it felt like closure to remove it herself. Still, I wished she just went and had a really amazing tattoo artist design something over it. Now she will have a scar and that scar will still remind her of what was once there, what she did to herself, because of him. He cheated on her -- he was not worth it. She deserves better.

I hope she has the closure she needs and no more cutting. No more Chopper's Bitch tattoos either.

Would you ever get a boyfriend tattoo? What do you think of her actions?


Image via Carlos Varela/Flickr

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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

nope, the only names I's consider are my kids and family

nonmember avatar Mai

I only know a couple of people that have gotten tattoos of their significant other. One got divorced less then a year later. The other is now in the process of a divorce. Neither can afford to have it removed. Both hate the tattoo decision they made.

nonmember avatar Ellie

After reading the original article, I think she was of sound mind. She had clearly thought it through. Documented the process. & her reasoning makes sense.

Would I personally do that? No. But I am not one who would pierce my face either. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

I love my tattoos. They are part of me. Her tattoos are part of her-clearly she didnt want Chopper to be part of her anymore.

Getting it cut off or covering it up, there will always be a reminder of what was there. Just saying, I get it. :p

Joanie Danger

you said " If you like tattoos, it's quite romantic."  Untrue.  Not everyone who likes tattoos thinks that it is romantic to get a tattoo of a SO's name.  In fact, I think you will find quite the opposite.  Most "tattooed people"  (note, I say MOST) do not consider this romantic.  On the other hand, "people with tattoos" (note the distiction on types of people) are more likely to find this cute and romantic.  There is no sense in getting a tattoo with the intention of removing or covering it up.  Also, it is a common tradition in many biker groups that when a member of said group leaves or "wants out" any group affiliated tattoos will be sanded or cut out.  This is true, perhaps not commonplace in ALL biker groups, but it is something that does happen.  This woman may have been making a point to her ex by doing this.  Scars vs. Tattoos?  I feel that they are very similar, they remind you of a time in your life.  To me, havig a scar where I cut the name out would be much more satisfying than having a removal/coverup.  Everytime I saw the scar I would have to smile and be pleased with myself for "cutting him out of my life"  I would be proud of the scar.

This message coming to you from a "Tattooed person"  NOT a "person with some tattoos"....my opinion only, you don't have to agree but I wanted to share a viewpoint for the more open-mineded among Stir denizens.

jessi... jessicasmom1

HECK NO... Don't get no mans name on you to begin with

nonmember avatar tattooed mama

My husband and I have matching tattoos that come from the Notebook "if you're a bird I'm a bird". Mine on my left wrist, his on the top of his right hand. We both have 3 birds. So god forbid should something happen to us it represents me and my 2 children. But "choppers bitch" haha classy :)

adamat34 adamat34

Bitches be crazy

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