Parents to Welcome Baby With 2 Faces & 2 Brains Despite Challenges (VIDEO)

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An Australian couple got the shock of a lifetime when a routine ultrasound revealed that they had one baby -- but the baby had two faces and two brains. The baby is totally normal below the neck, but then has a duplicate set of eyes, nose, and mouth, and two brains connected by a stem. The condition is called craniofacial duplication or diprosopus, and it is so rare there have only been 35 known cases in the world.

The parents do not intend to terminate the pregnancy. They want to have their daughters -- for they consider that there are two babies -- even though they already have seven children and the mom, Renee Young, has rheumatoid arthritis.

Said the father, Simon Howie:

It'd be the same as being a child with autism or down syndrome ... I don't believe in terminating the baby if it's healthy and growing fine, and everything is going to plan.

Wow, this is healthy and growing fine and everything going to plan? I guess some people have a different definition of that than others!

Doctors have disagreed and urged the couple to terminate the pregnancy, saying the child will "be looked upon as a freak." But as the mom says: "Everything happens for a reason."

Abortion laws in Australia vary state by state, and the mother told Inside Edition that, at 15 weeks, she was already too far along to terminate the pregnancy. However, it's a little confusing, since she also states that the doctors kept advising her to terminate the pregnancy. At any rate, they say they never considered it.

A doctor told NineMSN that this type of disorder was one of the rarest forms and that it would be incredibly costly to treat. The couple and their children already reportedly live in social housing and rely on disability income. They say they have no idea how they will afford the child's care but will worry about it later.

There is a very good chance, however, that the child won't survive its birth, or live very long afterwards. The last known case, a girl in India named Lali, died after two months.

The parents consider that there are two babies, since there are two brains, but when asked if there would be two names, Simon hesitated and replied, "That's going to be a hard one."

That's the least of it. I can't imagine what this child(ren)'s life will be like. Two functioning brains that might think totally separate things, sharing one body?! It boggles the mind the amount of confusion that could create.

Oh, and mom is planning a natural birth. Two heads, one birth canal. She is a brave woman for that alone.

Best of luck to this family!

What would you do?

Image via gbonger3/YouTube

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nonmember avatar lilah

It's not healthy and it's most certainly not growing well. Seven kids plus this one and they're on welfare. I guess even Australia has white trash. Also naming it is not going to be "hard", everything else is going to be hard you brain dead dope.

Marcella Shambles

EVERYONE has a right (or should) to make this kind of choice and not be forced one way or the other.

Marcella Shambles

It's personal choice, not a political one.  Though having babies while on welfare is BS.  Mandatory birth control while on public assistance is a whole other issue............

nonmember avatar Dawn

This article is rude. More than likely this child will not survive long enough to warrant these rude comments. I find it hysterical that people who say they are pro-choice condemn the choices that this family is making. They in fact are making a harder decision than most people will ever face knowing their child will more than likely die in a short period of time. This is not anyone's business.

nonmember avatar lilah

Everything happens for a reason?
What a convenient way to take zero responsibility for your actions. Keep having kids and raising them in squalor because everything happens for a reason. These people make me sick.



miche... micheledo

So pleased to hear this.  Even if the child doesn't survive long, those little girls will have known 9 months of love and care from their mom.  Great response from the dad!  They are developing fine!  Just fine for them.  

Movie... Moviebuff

They are hoping they can get extra money for having this freak.

mande... manderspanders

Kiri and you other commenters are god damned assholes for suggesting that this family should just abort this child.

It isn't your decision to make. And a baby looking like a "freak" is no reason to talk about abortion. What shallow, idiotic statements.

This is a human, this is a person (potentially 2),this baby has a right to be born and to be in this world for however short or long its life is.

I'm just disgusted by you so-called compassionate liberals... spouting your "pro-abortion" agenda.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

The baby doesn't have two heads. Try fact-checking before trying to be witty.

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