Mom Whose Baby Was Kidnapped Defends Suspect in Heartbreaking 911 Call (LISTEN)

The heartbreaking 911 call that hysterical mother Brianna Marshall made when she discovered her newborn baby, Kayden, was missing in the middle of the night has been released, and it will send chills down your spine. As soon as Brianna, who had only brought baby Kayden home four days earlier, noticed that her son was missing from his bassinet, she called police. "My son is missing," she cries into the phone.

When asked by the operator how old her son is, Brianna says, "He's like 4 days old." Somewhat astonished, the operator says, "He's what?" and asks her to repeat the age. Brianna eventually breaks down and sobs, "I put him to sleep in his crib and now he’s not there."

Eventually a relative gets on the phone and explains that the baby disappeared around the same time that Brianna's half-sister, Kristen Smith, also left the house. "You already talked to Kristen?" the dispatch asks Brianna.

"Yes, and she's bawling her eyes out and told me to call the cops," Brianna answers, obviously unaware that it was Kristen who police believe actually took the baby.

"She's claiming that she didn't have the kid, correct?" the dispatcher asks, sounding slightly unconvinced.

"No, she wouldn't take my son!" the young mom sobs.

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Little did Brianna know that that is allegedly exactly what happened. That Kristen Smith had allegedly been pretending she was pregnant and was found with baby clothes and a prosthetic belly in her car.

By the time police stopped her, Kristen had reportedly abandoned the baby near a gas station. He was found unharmed by police.

Smith has been charged with kidnapping.

This 911 call bears witness not only to the shock and suffering of a new mom whose fragile infant is suddenly gone -- but to her love for her sister, whom she simply could not fathom would have stolen her baby. Would any of us think that -- even though that would have been the most likely scenario given the timing of the disappearance and his aunt's departure? Who could imagine a sister doing such a thing?

Poor Brianna must be absolutely devastated by this complete and utter betrayal. I guess the only good thing to come out of it is that now she won't raise her son around this mentally unbalanced woman.

Image via 24HNEWS/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Lisa

Her HALF-sister is completely crazy. She needs to be put away and don't let out. Society does not need psychos like her roaming around.

lasombrs lasombrs

I have been following this story. That's crazy and she is lucky the found the baby quickly or they may never have discovered it at all :/ so scary people are that demented

Katha... Katharine205

Half is still a sister - I have 2 half sisters myself and and they have never been anything less that full sisters to me.  That being said this lady is still off her rocker and needs to be given a time out from society.

sbkidz sbkidz

I question how long someone thinks they'll get away with this sort of charade. Funny how you pop up with a baby that looks just like your sister's baby at the same time hers went missing. Makes for awkward family gatherings. Demented.

Caitlin Renee Sailors

Half sister, full sister, WHATEVER its the same thing. Anyone who would kidnap my baby and then risk my babies life by abandoning that child by a gas station is no sister to me. 

Summe... Summerlion1123

Geez. As if kidnapping him wasn't bad enough, but then she abandons him? Anything could have happened to him then! How sad that her sister would first steal her baby, then risk his life like that. Awful.

jillianh jillianh

I have had 6 misscarriages and my sister has kids i would never ever kidnap her baby or any baby it makes it worse because that was her sister ugh people obviously she has issues and does need to get put somewhere

nonmember avatar meghan

@Lisa Why the emphasis on "half-sister"? I have three "half" sisters (HATE that term!) and they are no more likely to kidnap my children than my "whole" sister. Half, whole, cousin, stranger... it doesn't matter, the woman needs help! I'm glad the baby was found ok and returned.

Amanda Payton

Half sister or full sister doesn't matter! My half sister who is my SISTER (no half needed) has watched my son hundreds of times and never kidnapped him! This lady is clearly a Looney tune.

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