Guy Who Listed Girlfriend on eBay Says He Was Just Kidding (VIDEO)

debbie moran shaun colesIn what is being referred to as a "joke" that got out of hand and sounds like a gag headline from The Onion, a guy from the U.K. named Shaun Coles listed his long-term girlfriend Debbie Moran for sale ... on eBay. Worse yet, more than 50 people actually bid on her. What the ...?!

Before eBay could intervene and point out that, uh, it's against the rules on the site to actually SELL A PERSON, the bidding got up to $1,181.00. Bravo, humans: You're real upstanding! 'Course the real wrist-slapping here should be directed at Moran, whose "joke" really sounds like more of a low-blow than anything else.


In the midst of his gag, he described his girlfriend as an "old woman" and complained about her inability to do housework. He posted a seriously unflattering photo in which Moran is pictured sprawled on a couch in leggings checking a computer next to what looks like a pile of garbage. Ouch.

As if that weren't bad enough, the pair was later interviewed and after Coles insisted, "In all seriousness, I wouldn't sell her for anything," Moran replied, "Awww, he's trying to redeem himself." Apparently, she does believe her boyfriend of six years "didn't do it maliciously," even though she "hated" the photo he posted and "was a bit annoyed" at first. Wow.

This whole thing just leaves such a nasty taste in my mouth. Obviously, everyone has a different sense of humor, and Coles's must be one that Moran shares or at least can get behind. (Either must be true if they've been together six years, right?) Still, even if that is the case, there are some "jokes" that cross over from funny to downright disrespectful. This certainly seems to be one of those instances.

Even if this woman believes her boyfriend wasn't doing this out of contempt for her, I can't imagine how she could stand to be treated that way. Seems like she'd be wise to put him up for auction -- or you know, just split.

What's the worst gag you've ever had pulled on you that you didn't find funny at all?



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