Intruder Breaks Into Woman’s Home & Leaves Behind Deeply Disturbing Memento

Have you seen this man ... on your cellphone? You might want to check right now because apparently the man has a thing for breaking into people's homes and snapping a selfie with the home owner's cell and then leaving. Or at least he's done that once. A Denver mother reportedly found the mustachio'd man's image on her phone -- and she has no idea who he is.

The woman put her two kids to bed when apparently the intruder snuck into her home. He took nothing but, for whatever reason, snapped a selfie and left it on her phone. She found it the next morning. How freaking scary!

With his large framed glasses and odd-looking facial hair, it almost appears he was in disguise. Yet the woman says she has no idea who the man is. A neighbor, however, said that the man looks "familiar" to him, though maybe the large glasses were a disguise.

I can only imagine everything going through this woman's mind. Was this a harmless prank or something more sinister? Has he been stalking her? Is he someone she knows? Was this just a warning of things to come?

An intruder who comes in and takes something (besides a picture!) at least has a reason for being there -- it's scary, but you know why it happened. But something like this must be psychological terror -- wondering if the person keeps an eye on you and your children. Wondering if next time he is going to escalate the situation and maybe harm you.

The best case scenario would be that this was just some dude with a very bizarre sense of humor, who saw the cellphone through a window and thought it would be a funny prank.

But you can't take any chances with this stuff. I hope the woman gets an alarm system, a guard dog, and keeps her doors locked and her cellphone password protected!

What would you do if you saw this?

Image via Denver Police

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nonmember avatar blue

MOVE. I would move.

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

I would be loading my shotgun, calling the cops, and letting all three of our dogs outside. In that order.

miche... micheledo

Ugh.  When I was single, my roommate and I had someone continually break in and use the toilet (often not flushing).  A neighbor had the person sit at the table and eat some cookies that were sitting out.  It was creepy.

Years later we learned of an area teen that was arrested for breaking and entering.  We assume that is who it was, but never really knew.

adamat34 adamat34

Vaguely familiar? That spikes my curiosity as to if this guy is following this woman.

the4m... the4mutts

There is no way this COULD happen to me because of the layout of my house, and security measures in place, but lets pretend it could.

Hubs and I would start sleeping in separate rooms, 1 in the living room with a shotgun, 1 in the kid's room with the 9mm. The dog would sleep in our room. No chance this would ever happen to me more than once.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Right now, it's 3pm and sunny on my nice little cul de sac and I'm locked inside my house with my security system in armed mode with all doors and windows locked. There's no way someone could get in and that's how I like it. Anytime a door opens 5 pictures are taken of that door and sent to both me and my husband.

People underestimate the value of security. Trade in one pizza night a month and invest in a security system.

3grea... 3greatkids751

Well hopefully between my hubby & my dog he wouldn't make it 10 feet into the house. If he did I would have a loaded shot gun waiting for him next time!

Dolce... Dolcepsle

I don't think you know the definition of deeply disturbing.

Christina Boyer

I think something like this has happened to me except I never saw the person who took my picture. I was exhausted and I fell asleep on the couch taking a nap, my cell phone right next to me and the t.v. on. I may have left the back door open and not realize it. I woke up and went about my day. Several weeks later I was looking at my pictures on my cell phone and I saw a picture of me sleeping on the couch and another picture showing what was on t.v. at the time. I really freaked out and asked family if they had took my picture as if it was some joke and they said they didn't. I didn't report it but kept it in the back of my mind to be more careful if I'm alone and to always lock the doors. Luckily now we have security surveilance but it does make me wonder because weeks later i thought someone had been snooping in my wardrobe "drawer" if you know what I mean. Gross right? I'm pretty sure of a creeper but I can't be possitive that's what is so annoying. i've even had the strange phone calls. But all these things have happened months apart. I have reported the phone calls.

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