11 Killed in 2 Separate Car Crashes Caused by Wrong-Way Drivers

police lightsTwo separate tragedies on opposite sides of the country resulted in one awful, violent day. Yesterday 11 people died in two car crashes involving drivers speeding the wrong way. In Florida, an SUV driving against traffic hit a Hyundai Sonata carrying four young men, fraternity brothers. And in California, a driver in a Camaro slammed into two cars, killing six people, including a family of four.

The driver in that second accident has been identified as Olivia Culdbreath (21), and she's been charged with six counts of vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence. Culdbreath was traveling over 100 miles per hour. She's in custody but in the hospital recovering from a broken femur and a ruptured bladder. The driver of the SUV in Florida is also suspected of driving under the influence but perished when his car burst into flames.

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So six people in California and five people in Florida died in horrific car crashes -- both drivers apparently under the influence, both driving the wrong way at high speeds. Because two people were foolish, 10 innocent people lost their lives -- people with friends and family, with people who loved them and will miss them.

It's awful that two individuals chose to drive when they were too intoxicated (allegedly). But were there others around them who noticed them getting into their cars -- but didn't try to stop them? I wonder if they now regret not intervening. They could have saved lives.

Have you ever stopped someone from driving when they were intoxicated?


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nonmember avatar Dee

Yes I have & I've found that of done in a fun yet firm way such as laughing at them and saying "no way I'm letting you drive you're Way too drunk" said with a laugh but firmly & I swear no ones ever challenged me except one guy who was a violent alcoholic. He ended up puking out the side of the passenger seat the whole ride home. That 1 was tough but worth it, he probably would have killed someone. I have no trouble telling someone they're too drunk to drive.

abra819 abra819

I hope guy felt the flames...asshole. Fuck both of them.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

Yes and I am hated by everyone in my step dad's family. Oh fudgen well!! Had he not had my baby brother with him I don't think I would have done it.

Einyn Einyn

I hope she gets jail time but who knows with the whole Ethan Couch thing.

momof... momofangels5

Last night in Michigan the same thing happened. Drunk driver going wrong way killed a women, critically injured her 11 year old son. Of course the driver walks away from crash. This is just ridiculous how this happens. Heart goes out to all the families.

Emmie25 Emmie25

My four year old was killed by a drunk driver. All drunk drivers need to automatically lose their license and spent time in jail.

nonmember avatar Annoyed

Or she will claim "affluenza" and get off scott free. The laws for drunken drivers sicken me.

Sandy Castor

I lived in Pomona, CA from 1951 to 1974. That Freeway  everyone  goes to fast!!! Thinks have changed since we lived there, and not which on ramp she got onto  going in the wrong  direction. 100 mps and drunk!!!!!!!!

I have a feeling she will be  in Prison forever!!!

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