Missing Baby Kayden Powell's Aunt Arrested in Twisted Kidnap Plot

Police in Beloit, Wisconsin went on high alert after a new mother reported that her 5-day-old baby, Kayden Powell, had been snatched from his bassinet while she and the baby's father slept nearby. Police cast a wide net and thankfully found the infant a day later, abandoned in a tote bag near a gas station in Iowa. Despite the freezing temperatures, the baby was fine. The baby's aunt, Kristen Smith, has now been charged with kidnapping. And the sickening details of this case will take your breath away.

Smith had originally been questioned by police as it was revealed she had been at the home earlier in the day, but had left a couple hours earlier to return to where she lived in Colorado. According to People, Smith had called the home of her half-sister, Brianna Marshall, and the baby's father, Bruce Powell, while police were still interviewing everyone. After talking to a police officer, she agreed to pull over at a gas station on Interstate 80 in West Branch, Iowa and speak with cops.

When cops arrived, they found that Smith had baby clothes in her vehicle, along with a car seat and stroller, and a prosthetic pregnancy belly. There was no sign of Kayden and she denied knowing anything about the toddler but explained that the baby's parents were planning to move in with her, hence the baby gear. How she explained the prosthetic pregnancy belly will be left for the trial, I imagine!

She was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Police then found messages on her cellphone in which she said she had given birth on February 5, which was the day before Kayden went missing.

They also reportedly found Facebook posts claiming that she was pregnant.

Smith was given a pregnancy test and determined not to be pregnant. She also reportedly failed a lie detector test about her knowledge of Kayden's whereabouts.

After Kayden was found, Smith reportedly let police know where the baby was, giving them a handdrawn map.

Marshall and Smith apparently have the same father but different mothers, though Marshall introduced her to another family member as "my sister."

Obviously they would have been somewhat close, given that Smith had access to the baby shortly after he was brought home. Did Marshall also think Smith was pregnant all the while she was allegedly plotting to steal her sister's baby?

This is a ghastly story. You hear about women stealing other women's baby's -- but it's usually not a trusted relative who does it right under your nose. Was Smith going to try and raise the baby as her own, right in front of her sister, who would have been mourning the loss of her own baby? Shockingly horrific.

Smith faces life in prison.

What do you make of all of this?

Image via Town of Beloit Police


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lasombrs lasombrs

Wow that is messed up! She must have been planning to pretend the baby was her own. How terrible! So glad she was caught and the baby found safely.

Amber Peerboom Mosher

I hate when I'm right aout these kinds of stories. I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday that she was probably pretending to be pregnant and planned on kidnaping the baby to pass off as her own. I'm sooooo glad the baby was found (somewhat) safe and is reunited with his parents.

Nelli... NellieKane

I can't imagine what the young, new mom must be going through. Postpartum hormones are rough enough those first few weeks without, you know, being traumatized by the kidnapping of your tiny newborn. What a complete and utter nightmare.

Donna Truax

It,s kind of weird for a sister to be stealing her sister,s baby. The good part is that he was unharmed and doing well. The sister now faces life in prison, won,t have thought she would get life in prison, kind of a lengthly sentence.

Babie... BabiesAre2Sweet

Thank God this baby is safe! There are way too many stories where the poor child involved doesnt survive. This aunt is one evil b*tch for trying to steal him and get away with it. I'm glad she was caught and put in prison. I wish more stories had this outcome.

Tempt... TemptingFate

Did she think her sister wouldn't recognize her own son? I mean, seriously?

Allison Martin

fyi - a 5 day old baby is an infant.  Not a toddler.

shami... shamillionaire

5 day old baby equals newborn not a toddler... I'm just glad the baby is safe!!

marci... marcie1455

WTF! Her sister is a sick person (I'm putting it nicely) there are some crazy people in this society.

mommy... mommyzgirlz3

I live not too far from where the baby was found, It was all over the news here, I am just glad that baby is safe. But its crazy to think that she faked a pregnancy and stole a baby.

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