Family Friend Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old Autistic Girl & Getting Her Pregnant

Twisted 13

Some people's actions are so twisted and sick, it's really difficult to write about them without getting worked up. Justin Vance is a 28-year-old man who volunteered with the Special Olympics and was taken in by a trusting family in exchange for helping them with home projects. Instead of repaying them by simply being an honorable person who fulfilled his commitments, he allegedly did something reprehensible that has turned their lives upside down: he impregnated their 13-year-old daughter, who has autism

Vance was arrested this week and charged with first degree sexual assault and is being held on a $250,000 bond. According to reports, the man -- who slept on the family's couch -- pursued a relationship with the teen, and I'm not sure if I think that's even sicker because the whole thing is far too sick to be true.

The family told cops back in September that they suspected Vance was acting in an immoral way with their daughter and an investigation took place. It's unclear whether the girl was impregnated by Vance prior to the investigation or whether the man continued to pursue her, despite the cops' involvement. The teen's family discovered her pregnancy in January, and the girl admitted that she and Vance had kissed and had sex on the family's couch. 

Just to get a feel for this child's innocence: she only confessed about their sexual relationship after a doctor told her it was the only way she could pregnant. She had to be told that sex could lead to pregnancy. I know lots of teens are savvy, but in no way does this sound like a girl who knew the deal. Vance totally took advantage of her in every conceivable way AND betrayed a family that did far more for him than I admit I ever would. 

We aren't sure if this family has strong religious beliefs, but the teen's father says they plan on keeping the baby because he or she is "innocent" and shouldn't be punished for what Vance did.

They clearly respect life, and I think that is commendable. Personally, I wouldn't want to put my young daughter through the pain and confusion of pregnancy and labor -- particularly considering she has autism and I couldn't be sure how something so traumatic would affect her. But then, my views on abortion are probably far more liberal than theirs, and there is no way I could expect them to go against their beliefs. I wish them the best and hope they can pull through this difficult time and that this young girl isn't completely destroyed by this incident.

As for Vance -- may he receive the harshest penalty possible. 

What do you think of Vance's betrayal and this family's decision to keep the baby? 


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SaphireH SaphireH

he is a sleeze and needs his member chopped off. while the choice to keep the baby is theirs and i think its great

nonmember avatar robert

Slowly pull his balls off & sever the rest! Then get tough with him!

Organ... Organizedchaos8

For punishing him, I agree with Saphire and Robert. As to keeping the baby, how high functioning is the teenager? Where is she on the Autism spectrum? If the parents think their daughter can handle it and she wants to go through with it then that's great.

MissA... MissAlly89

Organizedchaos: I was wondering that, too. If she's higher-functioning autistic, she should have known what sex is. I am in no way am I blaming her for what he chose to do.

merma... mermaid13dragon

yikes.. That sucks.. Interesting that they are keeping the baby.. 

adamat34 adamat34

Horrible just disgusting I understand keeping the baby it's not the baby's fault

Just hope things work out for this family and this assholes get to spend the rest of his life in jail I don't understand these people if u want to have sex hit up Craigslist there is always some one tere or a bar unless this guy has three heads I'm sure he could get it without raping this poor child

Mzwest83 Mzwest83

Wonder how far along ahe was when they found out and if that could have determined their choice

Organ... Organizedchaos8

MissAlly, im not sure if she would necessarily know about sex being 13 and autistic, that depends on how much her parents sheltered her. I think if she is high functioning then she would understand that she is going to have a baby. If she is high functioning enough then she absolutely should have been made aware of her options and been involved in the decision.

lobus lobus

Wow, they suspected he was doing something and still let him hang around? What the?

nonmember avatar phoenix

Seems like the daughter was a pretty innocent party who shouldn't be punished for this pedo either. Personally I'd be more worried about her.

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