'Affluenza' Teen Who Killed 4 People Gets Off Scot-Free Once Again

The trial of Ethan Couch, the teen who killed four people in a drunk-driving crash, shocked the country due to the incredibly lax sentence handed down by a Texas judge. Ethan's lawyers had successfully argued that Ethan, who plowed into six people on the side of the road, killing four and severely injuring two, suffered from "affluenza" -- apparently some sort of disease caused by being too spoiled by parents who didn't teach you right from wrong. Never mind that Ethan knew damn well that what he did was wrong, since he reportedly fled the scene and told a friend in the truck with him, "I'm Ethan Couch. I'll get you out of this." That alone would get most people prison time. But Ethan will not serve any prison time. He will go to a rehab facility funded by -- who else? -- his rich parents. At least he'll get something though, right? He'll be in rehab, and off the roads, for at least a year? Maybe more? Something? Wrong again!

Ethan, who was re-sentenced today to his no prison time rehab stint (prosecutors had unsuccessfully argued once again that the kid deserved some kind of punishment), apparently could spend virtually no time in rehab either. Judge Jean Boyd, who gave Ethan no prison time, also didn't give him a minimum amount of time for him to be in rehab. So he could, ya know, be there an hour.

It's unclear which rehab Ethan will go to, but you can bet it won't be one where the kids do hard labor and sleep on stiff sheets. Ethan's uber-understanding parents had previously offered to send their precious boy to a $450,000 a year facility, one that reportedly has a program with horseback riding, mixed martial arts, massage and cooking classes, a swimming pool, basketball, and six acres of land. This is punishment?? Most people would kill to go to a place like this. Oh wait, Ethan did.

The sickening part about this whole case is not just that so many lives have been completely destroyed -- but that Ethan still hasn't learned right from wrong. And how could he given that not only his parents but the legal system have decided what he did deserves, essentially, absolutely no punishment?! There are people in prison for doing much, much less. NO jail time, people. Not even an HOUR!

And now he might walk in and out of rehab before he might HOPEFULLY have a chance to have some people knock some sense into him -- the sense that his parents and the Texas judge refused to knock. Because you just know if he calls Mommy and Daddy a couple of minutes after entering rehab and wants to leave because the cooking classes are too hard ... well, they don't seem like the types who are going to say no.

That said, Ethan is on probation for 10 years. If he breaks it, he could end up in prison after all. I wouldn't bet on it though.

Does this case enrage you?

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Rando... Randomlady

It's absolutely disgusting what they are doing, but this isn't the first time things like this have happened. You don't expect the rich and famous to adhere to the same rules that the rest of us do do you? No, when a rich or famous person commits a crime they go to a special prison or rehab clinic, spend less time than they should. However, I do wish they would give this kid an hour with the family of those people who were killed.

abra819 abra819

If it were my last day on earth, I'd go hunting in Texas..

worki... workingmama86

It's so sad that even the legal system is failing. You'd think they'd teach him a lesson since his parents fail to. 

And honestly, I think his parents should be held responsible on some level considering they suck as parents and raised their child to be this ignorant!

nonmember avatar Laura K

What the hell is wrong with parent's? If this was my son you had better believe I wouldn't even post his bail. 4 people are dead over a self entitled rich kid and his parent's thinking he is more important than anybody else.

Carme... Carmen8706

I still can't believe a judge accepted the argument "He hasn't been punished up until this point, so why start now." I wish this judge would get fired or disciplined like the 30-day rape sentence one did.

Lisatron Lisatron

It seems incredibly counter productive to send someone who allegedly doesn't know right from wrong to a spa as 'punishment' or 'rehabilitation'. After killing multiple people, what is horseback riding and cooking classes going to teach him about accountability and right from wrong?

Fine. Create a BS excuse like affluenza, but one would HOPE that the justice system could employ actual logic and come up with a more suitable punishment/rehab for affluenza than feeding into it.

What happens next time? More spa time?

wamom223 wamom223

Its really shocking that we are literally watching someone get away with murder.  What's even more shocking is that no one involved has figured out that he isn't learning a lesson and will most likely go on to do more harm.  Personally if I was related to one of the victims I would sue the shit out of that family.

IHear... IHeartCake

The judge in this case needs to be investigated.  Was he bribed?  Does he have a personal or political connection with this case? 

Let's all hope the probation is violated (but without more victims), and this guy goes to prison where he belongs.

happi... happinessforyou

WOW!! Just about makes me sick. So the people he killed were worth less in this world, it's ok that they were murdered? That is the exact message this POS Judge is sending. I hope someone in rehab helps this young man learn what is right & wrong- the hard way. KWIM?

Emily... EmilyMelodious

Texas is the state that usually hands down pretty harsh but fair punishments. They need to investigate this judge. Something isn't right here

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