Blood-Curdling Screams From House Lead Police to Jaw-Dropping Sight

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houseIf you heard loud screaming coming from the house next door, what would you think was happening there? Toe-curling sex, obviously. Murder, monsters, mayhem! Could be anything -- but whatever it is, you'd better call the police. And then you'd better hang out on your front porch to find out what's going on, you know, just in case there's a serial killer on the loose or something. Not because you've got a prurient, voyeuristic interest in your neighbor's misfortune or anything. So what do you tell the neighbors when you find out the screaming next door was actually the joyful squealing of a pig?

I think you know where we're going with this. A woman called the police when she heard screaming coming from a neighbor's house in Maine. But when the police arrived, they discovered the sound was coming from one extremely happy male pig that had just been put inside a pen with five sows in heat. What I was saying about the toe-curling sex? I guess I was right.

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And it just goes to show, sometimes the line between ecstasy and agony can be very thin indeed. I wonder if the pig wasn't also a bit tortured over which sow to mate with first. The hottie with the brown speckles running down her back? The vixen with gray bristles? Or the shy gal with the pink ears batting her long lashes? Welp, no hurry. There's time for all the ladieeeeez.

I'm glad to hear no one was in real danger. No tragedy in this story! For once. And all joking about nosy neighbors aside, aren't you glad someone was willing to call the police when she heard what sounded like domestic abuse? Instead of thinking, "Oh well, that's between Wilbur and Charlotte. None of my business," I mean. I'm as happy as a pig in mud after coming across this non-crime story.

What's the first thing you'd think if you heard screaming coming from a neighbor's house?


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miche... micheledo

Haaaa haaaaa at "that's between Wilbur and Charlotte."

Loved that.

nonmember avatar JGM1764

Er, make that tail-curling sex. ;)

Ann Dorman Knowles

Picture the house that contains six pigs that the neighbor, it seems, didn't even know exsisted.


kailu... kailu1835

lol I have a pig and she has gotten out a few times. I am surprised nobody has called the cops yet, but she makes the most god awful screams you've ever heard of once she has been roped up and we are bringing her back to her pen lol

Crystal Reavis

Funny story!! I would have probably called the cops to though.

nonmember avatar S

Not a bad story at all. In fact, pretty funny and light hearted! =)

It's good to know there are some people out there that will call if they hear something going on. I have been around way to many neighbors in my life that if they hear someone being beaten or screamed at will just turn the other way. There's no excuse for it. You could save a life. Everyone should be more responsible and look out for their neighbors as this woman did.

nonmember avatar britni

Adorabley funny :-D

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