3-Year-Old Girl Murdered & Stuck in Freezer Day After Cops Said She Was Safe

Sara Krueger Ryan Scott Warner In a case that's sure to bring heightened attention to the role cops play in removing children from dangerous situations, a California community is mourning a 3-year-old today who police believe was murdered by her mom and mom's boyfriend. Kayleigh Slusher's body was shoved in a suitcase and then in a freezer before finally ending up back in her bed, where police found her on Saturday, three days after her murder ... four days after they'd been called to check on the little girl's well-being.

Sara Krueger, 23, and her boyfriend, Ryan Scott Warner, 26, have allegedly admitted to Napa police that they killed Sara's daughter last Thursday ... Thursday being the day after Wednesday, which was the day police made a welfare check at their apartment and checked on little Kayleigh after someone alleged Kreuger was using drugs and not feeding her 3-year-old.

And they left her there? They deemed her safe?

I understand the child welfare system is over-burdened, and it is not an easy thing for a cop to decide they need to call in social workers and pull a child. But when a child dies a brutal death just a day after cops said she was fine, heads have to roll.

In fact, reports are now coming to light that indicate police have been to Krueger and Warner's place some 14 times for various things, and yet it seems the child welfare agency in charge of protecting kids from abuse was never called.

Even if the cops didn't see anything in evidence, doesn't the mere fact that these calls keep coming in indicate a need to get someone with a little more experience at judging a child's safety to come in and nose around? We've all had crappy neighbors who would love nothing more than to throw us under the bus, but at some point the sheer number of calls and allegations should set off warning bells. It's not just a vendetta. It's something that needs to be investigated more thoroughly ... because a child's life is on the line.

Maybe child welfare wouldn't have yanked the girl from her home if they'd investigated; maybe they would have. But at least someone would have checked!

Unfortunately, we can't dial back time. Little Kayleigh Slusher is gone, and her mother and mom's boyfriend are facing murder charges (her biological dad is already in prison on an unrelated matter) after cops caught them trying to get out of town. Sadly, they'd been called once again to check on Kayleigh's well-being by a neighbor.

Something tells me every cop who hears this story will surely be affected ... and hopefully a bit more inclined to call child welfare when they're on the fence about doing so.

What do you think of the cops' behavior here? Is this standard procedure or should something have happened?


Image via police

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nonmember avatar mommy320

I live in SF and this story is devastating to say the least. It was actually the paternal grandmother that made the call the day her body was discovered. What amazes me is the dozen or so people that actually reported these people multiple times. Apartment management, neighbors and grandparents all called authorities to check up on this poor girl, people cared and nothing was done. Meanwhile the mother was on section 8 that should have been revoked the second that man moved in to her apartment. The landlords REPORTED HER, nothing done. Complete failure of the county CPS system and all goverment agencies involved shame on you I hope heads roll and people loose their jobs. Completely preventable.

nonmember avatar gina

That poor precious little girl...

nonmember avatar manda

How awful... what kinda evil people would do that to a child.

erin8328 erin8328

Sounds like this poor little Angel never had a chance! Father in jail mother & her boyfriend neglecting her. It's a heartbreaking story but at least she our heavenly father protecting her now!

faith... faith2009123

The system failed that baby!! As did the cops, the so -called mother etc etc etc etc!! Where does it end???

faith... faith2009123

The system failed that baby!! As did the cops, the so -called mother etc etc etc etc!! Where does it end???

Crystal Shaddeau

And that is why there is so many children out there in the ground. the system does not work

Maryann Jodway

everone is to blame cps,cops,family not just cops and cps 

Raven Lynn Gray-Combs

and shes smiling in her mug shot!!!! id like to shove them in a freezer!!

Lori Dickerson

The other story about this case on mommypage says the little girl was sexually assaulted, god bless her

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