Birth Control Activist Sandra Fluke Is Seriously Considering a Run for Congress

The woman who became semi-famous after Rush Limbaugh asked if she was a slut for demanding government-sponsored birth control looks to be very seriously considering a run for Congress.

Sandra Fluke has filed and paid the fee to obtain the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, although she has not officially entered the race to replace the retiring Henry Waxman in his west L.A. district.

A representative for Fluke told The Daily Caller, “It does not mean she is definitely running … it was a procedural step she had to take with the state party if she would want to be considered for their endorsement, it is not indicative of a final decision.”

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The Georgetown grad moved to California and passed the bar exam two years ago, so she’s a legit candidate. And in the super liberal district she’s running in, she actually has a shot at winning. Think Malibu, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills. I mean, they’re probably not clamoring for free birth control in those neighborhoods, but they’re definitely Obama-voters, and you know how much Obama-voters love their promises of free stuff paid for by other people.

I kid, I kid. Er, um, well let’s just say there’s humor in truth.

No word yet on whether the former candidate for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” is planning to fund her own race, or if she’ll want that paid for too.

Do you think Sandra Fluke would be a good addition to Congress?

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Frost... FrostyMelted

Well, she'd be better than you. That's for sure. 

nonmember avatar SickOfJennyE

At least she's an accomplished woman who tries to affect change in the world. All you do is whine and makes 'jokes'.

mamat... mamatreat

Frosty, your name says it all... Either way, she's a joke. I appreciate her standing up for reproductive rights but how does that make her qualified? 

Frost... FrostyMelted

mamatreat - Can you read? I've only compared her to Jenny. Heck, I think a blind chicken with one foot missing would be better than Jenny. So your phony indignation doesn't really impress me, Sweetie. Somebody better and more qualified might run against her and I'd vote for that person instead. I'm only stating a comparison to Jenny. 

nonmember avatar Jason_F

Sandra "i have a 3500 dollar a month contraceptive bill" Fluke.Rush was right she is a sloot and an unattractive one to boot.Lets face it even Quagmire wouldn't jump that.Roll over Sandra Fluke tell Wendy Davis the news........

Mark Cox

she wanted $9000 in taxpayer dollars for something she could have bought herself at walmart for $9....will fit in well in congress.. cant find money for birth control but can find $1740 to get on the ballot..again,she will fit in well

tinyp... tinypossum

^^two basement dwellers share their enlightened views. 

nonmember avatar lynnsey

I like how conservatives ignore what Sandra's testimony was about that day. It wasn't how she has SO MUCH SEX that she needs to take a gazillion birth control pills a month (because that's totally how it works anyways, amirite?)and so the taxpayers had to pick up the bill.

Her testimony was about her lesbian friend who used hormonal birth control to regulate uterine cysts (that she was, at that very time, in the hospital for) and couldn't get it covered by the insurance that the college offered. Which is an important thing to talk about since nearly 60% of women who take hormonal birth control use it, at least in part, to control other medical know, aside from the perfectly valid medical use of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

But don't let the facts get in your way of trying to shame people.

lulou lulou

Thanks for sharing!  Thats great news of a highly educated, experienced, ambitious woman getting into politics.  Considering also that she stands up for healthy lifestyles and prescription medications which will have a beneficial financial return on our countries healthcare woes - unlike folks who practice and preach their unhealthy, stress inducing lifestyles, over-indulgences, and who themselves weigh more heavily on the country's healthcare system with their self-inflicted addictions and afflictions, not to mention the $$$ it costs the legal system to prosecute them when they do this illegally.  She sounds like a financial  conservative's dream candidate!

Katha... Katharine205

Yuck, all we need is another fem-nazi in office. 

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