16 Weird & Totally Terrifying Things the TSA Find in People's Luggage (PHOTOS)

grenadesIf you are like me, the most you've ever tried to get past a TSA guard is a few toiletries that didn't fit into the required zip-top baggie. Most of the 638,705,790 passengers don't even try to get a bottle of Evian through these days. The rules are clear and finite. Though not everyone sees it that way. The TSA has shared some of the crazy things that passengers have tried to smuggle in their checked and carry-on luggage. It just may leave you shocked and terrified to fly.


Image via TSA

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Erinly Erinly

A whole group of is girls went to Florida for my sister-in-law's bachelorette party a few years ago and one of the girls had a giant, like 14 inch, magic eight ball penis in her carry-on and the TSA agent searched her bag after it went through the x-ray scanner. It was so funny/mortifying.

Taisie Taisie

Number 13 is actually a morning star, also frequently (also incorrectly) called a "flail", and not a mace.

nonmember avatar H_man

I have to wonder how how many of these items, (scary though they are), were actually planned to be used in a hijacking???
And how about the 14 MILLION nail clippers confiscated???
3 million gun owners ride trains, and busses everyday. 99% of the guns confiscated were carried by law enforcement that "forgot" they were in carryon.

SaphireH SaphireH

Terrifying yes, weird i didn't see anything weird i was expecting the weird to be sex toys those wouldbe amusing

nonmember avatar don

Yes, "inert" things totally terrify me.
Thank God the TSA is there with their dog and pony show keeping us all safe from inert materials.

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