Woman Accused of Trying to Kill Her Husband the Grossest Way

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rosemary vogelOf all the disgusting ways to try to kill someone, this take the cake. Police and witnesses say Rosemary Vogel injected feces into her husband's IV bag in an attempt to murder him. Vogel's husband was in the hospital recovering from heart surgery. Nurses answering to an alarm caught her holding the IV bag, now filled with brownish liquid. They say she'd used a poo-filled syringe to contaminate it.

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Investigators confirm that the bag's contents tested positive for fecal matter, though they aren't sure whose it is. Vogel's handbag held three syringes, one filled with feces and two with some other liquid. They also don't have a motive for the alleged attempted murder.

Meanwhile, Vogel's husband is still alive, now recovering from both heart surgery and the contamination. Thank goodness the hospital had an alarm and the nurses responded right away, or the man may not have survived the attack. Vogel also faces vulnerable adult abuse charges.

Do you think Vogel was trying to kill her husband or could there be some other explanation?


Image via Chandler Police



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Lacey Tierney

right...because there's a ton of possible reasons why someone would carry around shit in a syringe and inject into her sick husband's IV drip...

nonmember avatar Annoyed

If she didn't want him to actually die she may have been trying to give him an infection so she had a malpractice suit. Feces in a line would be a huge liability to a hospital and if it's a private hospital they would likely pay to keep it quiet.

Vinta... VintageWife

I read this title and said, "What, did she try to feed him poo or something?" and wouldn't you know?!?

stron... strongforthem

I know somebody who died this way. Not just a disgusting way to murder someone, but it is a horrible horrible terrifying way to die.

John Alastair

Something about this story just stinks to me.

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