3 Adopted Kids Locked Away in Conditions Fit Only for Prisoners

A Tennessee couple have been arrested for locking three adopted children in a bedroom and a shed for at least six months as punishment. The children were allowed to go to school, but otherwise two remained in a locked bedroom and one in an outdoor shed. They were not even allowed to leave to use the bathroom and had small portable toilets in their jails. The 14-year-old boy who was locked in the shed stayed there through months of freezing temperatures.

Two of the children, a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old were discovered kept prisoner in their bedroom, with the windows screwed shut so they couldn't escape. The boy was found in the outdoor shed with no heat or running water. While he did have a space heater, temps had dropped below zero most nights. "It's horrendous," said a chief at the Sheriff's Office.

The children's plight was found out when the teen girl, described as quiet at school, began to open up about her abuse to a classmate. The classmate eventally called police while she was with the girl. Thank goodness the teen worked up the courage to tell people what was happening.

Meanwhile, the parents apparently lived in comfort, with "big screen TVs in there all over the place," said a neighbor.

It's unclear why the adults had custody of the children, who were apparently not their biological kids.

It's possible that the children did get into trouble, but this is not the way to discipline children, locking them away for six months! Especially not in a shed during freezing temperatures. It's a miracle the boy didn't die.

Maybe the couple weren't beating the kids but this is psychological torment, which is almost worse. Making the kids into prisoners in their own home is revolting. In fact, prisoners get treated better.

However these kids ended up there, it's clear that they must have already been subjected to a lot in their short lives, as they apparently do not have biological parents. Now they had to endure this! The children have been placed in foster care and hopefully that will be the beginning of something better for them, not worse.

Now hopefully the adults get a taste of being imprisoned with a portable toilet.

What do you think of this form of punishment?


Image via Tipton County Sheriff's Dept.


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nonmember avatar Misha

The word ADOPTED means nothing in this article. This is horrendous child abuse. Period. Yes, adoption is a choice and I get that the couple clearly wanted these children at some point. But your kids are your kids adopted or not. Would this story be any less awful if you chose not to bring adoption into it?

adamat34 adamat34

Death penalty. Thank you.

Railr... RailroadGirl

@Misha I think the reason it said they were adopted because they let us know its not their biological parents and they weren't in foster care at the time.

HiHoRemy HiHoRemy

I just read on the Police Dept.s facebook page that, for now, payments to the couple for the care of the kids has been halted.  Sounds like foster care to me.  You don't get funded when you adopt, AIR?

Sheena Jones

Actually, you do get payments if you adopt a foster child. I was a foster kid who was put up for adoption. When my brother and I got adopted my dad recieved $500 per kid until we were 18. Plus medicaid and a 4 year scholarship to any state university in Florida.

asmoni asmoni

Only certain children come with a stipend of pay. Why is it mentioned over and over about how sad they didn't have biological parents.....come on!! Adoption is not an awful thing for parents or the children....it is simply a wonderful way to build a family. And regardless of this story of abused children it happens in adoption and biological families.

mrsary mrsary

Disgusting! Especially since two of my kids are adopted!!

Lacey Tierney

Unfortunately, the 12 and 14 year old MAY recieve some much needed treatment but considering how effed up this country is, the 17 year old will be SOL as soon as s/he hits 18...

nonmember avatar Crissy

Kill them treat them the same let them suffer!!!!!!

missi... mississippigal

They need to treated the same way, in the cold and heat. This is terrible the kids had a hard enough life before they got them. Now with tem was even worse shame on you,both of you need to bun in hell...........devil

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