Obamacare Is Denying Sick Kids Access to Specialty Care

That’s it. Obamacare is just bad news. Premiums are skyrocketing, the web site launch was full of fail, and people are losing their plans (that they liked!) left and right.

Now Seattle Children’s Hospital is reporting that patients are being denied specialty treatments due to Obamacare regulations. Patients at Children’s -- that means that sick kids are not allowed the medical care that their doctors feel is best for them.


It’s reported that the Washington health benefits exchange is denying the hospital’s requests for specialty treatments -- when they can get a response at all. They filed 125 requests, but only got 20 responses, eight of which were big fat denials.

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Dr. Sandy Melzer says that these denials came after “reassurances of certain unique specialty cases would still be covered.” Hmmm, we’ve had quite a few “reassurances” about the Affordable Care Act, haven’t we? He continued:

"Well, some of the patients who were denied are ones who clearly would fall into that unique category. A two-year-old with new significant neck mass that was being evaluated for infection or malignancy, an older child with a chronic severe medical condition requiring multidisciplinary care here, a baby that had a skull abnormality."

The hospital ended up treating the patients anyway, because apparently there are decent human beings that work there, and we’re talking about sick children. But they admit they can’t keep doing that forever. As altruistic as a doctor might be, he has bills to pay. People have to make a living somehow.

Health care in our country has been screwed up for a while, and I know that supporters of the president’s health care plan we just desperate for someone to do something. But this isn’t working. When kids are not getting the care they need, we really need to take a look at the problem and try to find a real solution.

Has Obamacare affected your health insurance?

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