Woman Dies After Getting Scarf Caught in Escalator

escalatorIt's the stuff nightmares are made of; something many of us always thought was just an old wive's tale. A 48-year-old woman tragically died after her scarf got caught in an escalator. The incident happened in Montreal, and from the sound of things, it could have been prevented, were the escalator functioning properly.


According to reports, safety mechanisms the escalator is equipped with malfunctioned on Thursday, and the escalator failed to stop when the woman's scarf got caught. A contractor familiar with the situation said, "The landing plate in the combs at the bottom are supposed to back up when a certain force is engaged. These escalators stop all the time, usually jammed with rocks or stones in the winter, or if teens jump on the steps with great force."

Apparently, after the woman's scarf got caught, she bent down to try to grab it, subsequently getting her hair trapped, as well. A bystander called 911, but sadly by the time the cops arrived, the poor woman was declared dead. It's still unclear whether anybody pressed the emergency stop button after realizing the woman had gotten stuck. A spokesman for Montreal's ambulance service says the woman's death is like nothing else he's seen throughout his 30-year career.

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What a truly awful way to go. Not only does it sound like, had the escalator been working properly, this could have been prevented; but this poor woman was strangled in public over something as silly as a scarf. That had to have been such helpless feeling for both her, and the people around her. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

Please, let this be a lesson, everyone: Escalators do malfunction. If you ever happen to get anything stuck in one -- a scarf; a shirt; a shoelace -- just take the article of clothing off. You may be on a perfectly working escalator, but it's a risky chance to take.

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Image via Adrian Snood/Flickr

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