10-Year-Old Saves Old Woman by Listening to His Gut Instinct (VIDEO)

This is the kind of kid you want to raise. Danny DiPietro, a 10-year-old from Michigan, was riding with his father in the car when out of the corner of his eye he spotted what looked like a dog lying down in an open garage. He thought that was strange since it was so bitter cold out. It was also late at night, dark, and he couldn't see the object in the garage very well, but something about the look of it just didn't sit right with him. Unlike most kids, who would have gotten home and brushed off the feeling and started playing video games, Danny told his mother about what he saw. And thank goodness he did!


Danny told his mom that he thought he saw a dog lying in a garage, and asked if they could go back and check it out. At first, his mom didn't think much of it. She told her son that no one would leave a dog out in that cold snap (not true!).

So Danny walked out of the room. Here is where most kids would hop on SnapChat. Instead, Danny didn't ignore his gut instinct. "Something just didn't feel right," he told the local news.

So he walked back to his mom and again, this time more firmly, asked if they could please go check out the situation. Mom relented.

She decided to take their dog out for a walk and made sure to walk past the condo Danny had mentioned, where he had seen something in the garage. What she saw floored her -- there was an elderly woman, on the garage floor, waving for help.

Danny's mom, Dawn, called her husband who rushed to the scene with a blanket, and then dialed 911.

Kathleen St. Onge, who is 80, had fallen after slipping on some ice. Police said she wouldn't have survived much longer out in the freezing temps. The woman's daughter, Sandy, had this to say about the savvy boy:

She is very emotional when she talks about Danny and she says, 'That little boy saved my life. Just thank goodness for that little boy. Thank goodness for his hunch and his persistence.' And she knows as well as everybody else that she’s alive because of him.

I really can't say much more than that. If only everyone would be so in tune with their instincts. And kudos to the mom who didn't dismiss her son's concerns.

The woman is recovering in a local hospital and says she can't wait to meet her "hero."

Would you have listened to your kid?


Image via WXYZ/VideozNow/YouTube

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