Teacher Caught in Vicious Girl Fight Doesn't Earn Enough Money for This Job (VIDEO)

In case you're wondering what our teachers are up to these days, you might want to take a look at this video. It was taken by some little creep in a St. Petersberg, Florida (Florida, why, always Florida, why??) high school during a math and science class. Two girls begin arguing over someone's cell phone and the little creep with the video camera records the whole thing, egging on the girls until they finally start wailing on each other. The sad part is not only did the girls let this little punk get to them until they finally began throwing punches, but the poor teacher got caught right in the middle.


The teacher, alone in a classroom of high school students who are big enough to be adults, finds herself playing referee as the female students begin trash talking each other.

Brave teach plants herself right in the middle of the girls. As they edge closer and closer to each other, trash streaming out of their mouths, she refuses to budge. She probably felt if she left the room to get help, the kids would kill each other. Maybe she thought nothing would happen if she could only stay there and calm them down.

But she was up against the laughing little instigator with the camera. A spokeswoman for Pinnella County Schools says:

When there is a fight that happens, a staff member's response is to intervene as safely as possible and call for assistance. Each situation is going to be different, and a staff member's going to have to assess the situation and determine what could be done to stop it. Sometimes that might mean physically getting involved. Sometimes that might mean verbal de-escalation.

Getting physically involved?? For the 2010-2011 school year, the average teacher in Florida made $45,000. That's a 2 percent decrease from the year before. Yes, for $45,000 a year, teachers get to risk their personal safety. This is about a thousand dollars every two weeks when you take out taxes, health insurance, 401K, etc. It's a miracle anyone takes this job.

After acting as a human barrier for a few minutes, the girls finally start tossing punches right over the teacher and she has to get out of the way. Check it out:


Do what you can to support your teachers now. And, oh yeah, discipline your damn kids!!

Do you think teachers should have to intervene in fights?

Image via Tampa Bay Times

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