George Zimmerman's Latest Stunt Could Get Him Killed

George Zimmerman You'd think after the high-profile murder case of Trayvon Martin, that the acquitted 'Stand Your Ground' shooter-of-children George Zimmerman would do whatever it takes to stay out of the headlines. After being under such scrutiny for his actions,  the man should have had all the attention he could ever take and then some. But it looks like that's not the case. Because George is in the limelight yet again -- and this time he put himself there on purpose.

No, no, he hasn't beaten up another girlfriend, or added to his extensive weaponry collection -- I mean, not this week anyway. Today George is in the news for agreeing to participate in a celebrity boxing match. That's right, apparently in order to earn the title 'celebrity' all you have to do is kill someone. I don't know which grosses me out more, the fact that George was so eager to participate, or the fact that there's a boxing match promoter out there sleazy enough to approach him about participating. 


But wait -- it gets even more gross. Rather than already have an opponent ready, the spot to go head to head with George is still available. That's right, for a price (I'm sure) you could actually enter a ring and beat the crap out of this man. I have a feeling no matter how brutal the beat-down, you won't be able to make him go away. 

George himself seems blissfully clueless that participating in this event might make him seem, I don't know, like an insensitive jerk? He's also willfully putting himself in danger. Do you know how many people would welcome the  opportunity to off the guy if given a chance? SO MANY. He seems to invite the violence, making such forehead slapping comments as being willing to fight anyone, "even black people." Good lord. Don't worry, George. No one doubts your readiness to harm people of all races. 

Do you think this boxing match should be cancelled?


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