Trial Begins for Woman Charged With Killing Friend & Stealing Her Fetus

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More than four years after a woman was arrested for the murder of her pregnant friend and the kidnapping of her fetus, the trial finally began on Monday. In 2009, Julie Corey, 39, was accused of murdering Darlene Haynes and cutting her baby out of her womb and passing the child off as her own.

The child survived and is now living with her biological father, and Corey has been in jail this whole time.

Prosecutors say that there is evidence to show that “Corey faked her own pregnancy and then cut out Haynes' unborn baby, after beating and strangling Haynes to death in the apartment that they shared.”

Haynes was 23 years old and eight months pregnant.

Corey has pleaded not guilty, and according to reports, her defense attorney blames a botched police investigation and lost evidence for the arrest. He also believes that failure to find a murder weapon will lead to the eventual acquittal of his client.

The prosecution believes that the older woman murdered her roommate, stole her fetus, and tried to pass it off as her own to her boyfriend, whom she persuaded to move to New Hampshire. She was arrested there only days after Haynes’ body was found by her landlord.

Good grief what a tragic story. At least that little girl is ok, and at least has her dad, even if she will never know her mother.

What's the craziest thing you've ever heard of someone doing to get a baby?


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I don't think you can top that kind of crazy and it never seems to be about wanting a kid but about how to get or try to keep a man. Its all about deceit.

Sarah... SarahHall58

This happened a few times in a short period of time. How odd. And prima487 is right. It's about the man usually. That's even worse.

nonmember avatar Kay

I foresee a new Lifetime movie...

Polis... PolishMamma2

Ok wow, how can she pełne not guilty, didn't they find the baby in her home? Wouldn't that be evidence enough?

nonmember avatar sandy

what a crazy lady! why would you do this. and Kay there is a lifetime like this i think its called Cries in the dark

sandy... sandy2727

Ugh this poor lady that's horrible how can your roommate be so evil what a psycho!! & Kay their is a movie like this i think it's called Cries in the dark.

nonmember avatar Katie Lynn

She didn't steal her "fetus".... she stole a baby. You said it yourself... she cut the BABY out of her mothers womb. How disrespectful to both the mother and the baby to describe it that way.

nonmember avatar guest

wasn't there something like that on an episode of Private Practice.. in which this girl Katie had a miscarrige and had to see her pregnant psychiatrist (Voilet) for the loss.. which she later cut the baby out (using medical books for referance) and kept the baby as her own.

nonmember avatar emily

My kids school is literally right next door to the house it happened in... I live luterally 2 mins away.... Soooo sickening... My friend lived downstairs frin them....

Elizabeth Burger-Cromwell

Ok she is saying she is innocent....if they found her with the baby that after DNA tests proves it was the other woman's who cares if they have a weapon. This is so sad for that woman, her child and the rest of her family. I really wonder what this world is coming to some sad!!

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