Demons Possess 3 Children in Real-Life Horror Story

Do you believe in demonic possession? You just might after reading this story. Three children in Indiana were supposedly possessed by demons. They did all of the usual stuff -- growled, rolled their eyes back in their heads, threatened people. One even managed to slide backwards up a wall and flip over. Another levitated. The difference between this demonic possession case and the usual ones is that there were plenty of witnesses to the demons' shenanigans -- and not just the family and a bunch of overexcited Holy Rollers. Police, Department of Child Services workers, and child psychologists witnessed much of the children's behavior and compiled an 800-page dossier on the family. Eventually, authorities threw up their hands and called in the Catholic Church.


Latoya Ammons told the incredibly weird story of her three possibly possessed kids to the Indianapolis Star. She let the newspaper pore over records regarding her case -- which ended up seeing her children taken from her for a period of time.

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It all started, as these things have a tendency to do, with flies. Latoya, who had just rented a house in Gary, Indiana, with her three kids, says black flies descended on her porch in mid-winter, which is hardly fly season. Unless, you know, you're in a demonic house.

After that, weird things just kept happening. Shadowy figures running across rooms. Boot prints on the floor. The sound of footsteps on the basement stairs when no one was there. You know the drill.

But this is when Amityville Horror decided to converge with The Exorcist. One night, Latoya heard her 12-year-old daughter yelling, "Mama! Mama!" She and her mother, Rosa Campbell, ran into the room to find the girl levitating above her bed.

Several other witnesses who were in the house that night, where they were mourning the passing of a friend, rushed into the room and also claim to have seen the girl levitating. All of them began praying, and the girl supposedly slowly lowered back down to her bed. She remembered none of it. She hadn't even seen The Exorcist!

Latoya did what any good woman stuck in a demonic house would do (except move -- she couldn't afford it). She called around to local churches. All of them told her to buzz off. Sheesh! Thanks for nothing, churches.

Finally, one told her to clean the home with bleach and pour olive oil on the kids' heads. Now you know damn well bleach and olive oil ain't gonna stop the devil! Silly people.

Latoya and some clairvoyants burned sage and sulfur throughout the house and prayed. That only made the devils more angry. Devils don't like sage and sulfur! Take notes!

Three days later, the demons decided to possess the kids, ages 7, 9, and 12. Their eyes bulged, they spoke in deep scary voices, grinned evilly, and all that stuff you know so well from countless movies. One of the kids "flew" out of a room. Another said she felt like she was being "choked." They stayed at hotels when they could afford to.

Now here's the truly bizarre part, folks. Other people started to get involved. Like ... people who aren't part of the family or local churches or demon chasers.

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First came their family doctor, who wrote in his notes that the mother was "delusional" and having "hallucinations" but apparently changed his mind after one visit to the demon house. There, one of Latoya's boys cursed at the doctor in a "demon voice" and the youngest was "lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him," according to a DCS report.

The boy passed out and someone called 911. Multiple police and ambulances showed up. DCS was called in; a woman named Valerie Washington took over the case.

Things get even weirder.

When Valerie interviewed the youngest boy, he growled and rolled his eyes back in his head. He then started strangling his older brother and was only stopped by an adult.

A clinical nurse was brought in to interview the boys. The 7-year-old boy again growled and threatened to kill his brother. The 9-year-old boy began "head butting" his grandmother. These kids need a serious time-out!

Then, in a room filled with a clinical nurse, the DCS worker, and Latoya's mother, the 9-year-old boy suddenly got a "weird grin" on his face and then "walked backward up a wall," flipped over his grandmother, and then landed on his feet. Perfect 10! (Except from that Russian judge.)

Wow. This is all getting super bizarre! The nurse, Willie Lee Walker, told the Indianapolis Star:

He walked up the wall, flipped over her, and stood there. There's no way he could've done that.

A police report says that the DCS worker, Valerie Washington, said the boy "glided backward on the floor, wall, and ceiling" -- not that he ran up the wall like an acrobat.

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Whatever happened, both adults reported to police that they ran from the room. Smart move!

Despite that OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF DEMONIC POSSESSION, a psychiatrist concluded that the children were all putting on an act for their mom, who was encouraging it. They were eventually taken away from her.

Then a priest got involved and asked for an exorcism on the 9-year-old boy. Reverend Michael Maginot decided to investigate further and spent hours interviewing the kids.

Meanwhile, police searched the home and all kinds of weird stuff happened. Audio recorders malfunctioned. iPhone snaps had cloudy images that appeared to be faces in them. Later, cops realized that a voice whispering "Hey" could be heard in one of the recordings (listen below). Even the hardened cops were now totally spooked.

A psychologist assigned to the youngest boy concluded that this was the "sad case of a child who has been induced into a delusional system perpetuated by his mother." Way to blame the mom! Another psychologist assigned to the older kids came to the same conclusion. Disbelievers!

Meanwhile, more cops descended on the house. This time, they found "some strange liquid" dripping in the basement. Rev. Maginot, now working with the police, continued to bless the house. Fat lot of good that's doing!

Now a DCS family case manager, Samantha Ilic, also in the house, suddenly complained of having a "broken finger" and had a "panic attack" and fled from the home. The lead cop said there was no way he was staying in the house past dark. Everyone got the hell out.

Rev. Maginot got permission from a Bishop to perform an exorcism on Latoya, the first he'd ever done.

Two police officers and Samantha Ilic, the DCS family case manager, attended the ritual. Ilic said within 30 days of the exorcism, she suffered a series of mishaps, including getting third-degree burns and breaking a hand, an ankle, and three ribs in separate incidents. Damn!

Maginot ultimately performed no less than three exorcisms on Latoya. Eventually, Latoya and her mom moved out of the house and were reunited with the children.

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As for the house, the landlord says he'd never had any problems with it before -- or since. In fact, there's a new tenant living there, who hasn't experienced anything. Brave tenant! (Or stuuuupid.)

Latoya and her children now live in Indianapolis -- demon-free. Whew.

It's pretty easy to chalk this up to a mom who convinced her kids -- either subconsciously or not -- to put on a big show. But to what end? And there had been no history of this kind of thing in the family -- nor did it continue once they left the home.

If Latoya manages to sell her story for millions, maybe we'll have a reason this all went down. But it still doesn't explain a kid being able to glide up a wall in full view of two adults who had no reason to buy into any of this. Nor the cops who saw faces in pictures; nor the case manager who ended up breaking most of the bones in her body.

So ... are you a believer now?

What do you think? Were these demons? Mental illness? Fakery?

Here is the recording of a voice saying "Hey" while cops were investigating the basement:

Image via dalbera/Flickr

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