8-Year-Old’s Tragic Death Was Likely the Result of His Acting Out a Movie Scene

A little boy described as having a “heart too big for this world” has died after accidentally hanging himself while playing at his home in Stockton, California. Eight-year-old Julianni Plascencia was being cared for by his older brother (14) while their mom was out running an errand.

Julianni’s dad Ronnie said, “He said, ‘I’m going to hang myself,’ but he didn’t say it like he was serious, so my older son told him to quit playing around. He could hear him playing in the other room, but then he realized it had been quiet for a little while.”

They think that Julianni was trying to reenact something he’d seen on TV or the movies without realizing how dangerous it was. The police believe his death to be a tragic accident.

When his big brother became suspicious of Julianni’s silence, he went to his parents' bedroom and found the child unconscious, with one end of a scarf wrapped around his neck and another around a door handle. The teen called 911 and his mother, and an EMT crew was able to get his heart beating again.

Julianni passed hours later in the hospital, cradled by his grieving parents.

The grade schooler loved to play football and was looking forward to watching the 49ers play in the NFC Conference Championship Game. He was described as energetic and caring and loved going to church and always encouraged his family to give to the homeless.

Shfawn Plascencia, Julianni’s mother, tearfully said, “Let him be happy in heaven. Because I know that's where he went. His heart was too big for this world.”

The boy's family has launched a fundraising page on GiveForward.com to collect donations toward his funeral expenses. So far, they have raised just over $1,600 of their $4,000 goal.

Do you ever worry about tragedies like this when your kids play?

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So sad...I use to hope my kids never used their invincibility powers to try any tricks...unlike their dear ol' mom...when I was younger, I use to think I could open the door and tumble out onto the median and roll into a standing position...I freaked my mom out when I opened that door---I can still hear her hollering at me and she passed away in '79.  Needless to say, I use to get lectures everytime I got in the car and that included going into stores--but, that's another story.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

What was an 8 year old watching that showed some one hanging themselves? If my daughter even joked that she was going to "hang herself" I would have spazzed out.... Poor kid. Cant imagine what his big brother must have been feeling when it all happened :(

merma... mermaid13dragon

how tragic!!!! what on earth was he watching?? so scary and so tragic!

nonmember avatar myluvkurtcobain

I have 4 children and my youngest Jeremiah is 8... I just can not imagine the pain of losing a child. Just heart wrenching:(

Stell... StellarsMommy

This is unbelievably horrible and heartbreaking. I can't imagine what the parent's are feeling. Our daughter plays in her room at night before she goes to bed with the door closed. I'm always going in to check on her because no joke, I'm checking to make sure she hasn't accidentally strangled herself. She is 4 so I know she has the ability to know better than to put anything besides a necklace or scarf around her neck and to let us know something is happening (yelling, banging on the door or wall). But you just never know with kids! They just don't have the full capacity to understand consequences like adults. This family is my thoughts and prayers.

Carol Allen

People are asking what kind of shows he was watching I can think of 3. Glee, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order have all done something with kids hanging themselves


nonmember avatar Sasha

May this little boy RIP. So incredibly sad and now his brother will forever live with this horrible guilt. Parents need to do a better job at monitoring what their children watch.

Joanne Hintz

shoot I freak out when my son is not holding my hands when crossing against cars driving in parking lots.  How sad.  I don't recall Glee having anything about hanging themselves. He had to have been watching much more extreme shows than that.  So sad! 

Bloom... Bloomie79

"14 is to young to babysit!" Yah! And 18 is to young to be an adult. Moron. 

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