14-Year-Old Charged With Killing 11-Year-Old Sister Didn't Feel 'Appreciated'

Additional details have been released after the startling news report that surfaced yesterday about a 14-year-old Chicago girl who brutally stabbed her 11-year-old half-sister 40 times in the neck, chest, and arms. The older girl, who was home alone with her sibling at the time and killed her in her bedroom, initially told police that a Hispanic male broke into their home, attacked her sister, and then took off. As a result of her report, three schools in the area were placed on lockdown that same morning. After further questioning, in which cops told the girl strands of her hair were found at the scene of the crime, the teen admitted what she did -- and why she did it. She says her sister was ungrateful and she didn't feel "appreciated" for all that she did for her. 

So we have a motive. Big deal. This needless tragedy still makes zero sense. The girl, who is being charged with first-degree murder, told cops she cooked for her sister and did other chores around the house and that she was angry because the 11-year-old didn't appreciate all she did and had hit her.

Anyone who has a sibling can, of course, relate to how she feels or how the younger sister acted. These details still don't take us inside of the girl's head to really examine what made her snap.

She also confessed that she thought about killing the girl for 10 to 15 minutes before going to her kitchen to grab a knife. After she killed her, she took a shower and then called police and made up that story about the intruder.

I know she's just a kid, but discovering that the first thing she thought of doing after killing her sibling was to take a shower sends chills up my spine.

I have a difficult time thinking any child is naturally evil. My first thought was, I wonder if she has a mental problem that has not been detected. There is no indication that she has other issues -- and still no statement from her mother -- so it seems only fair that she is being held fully accountable for her horrific actions.

What do you think about the girl's motive for killing her little sister and the additional details that have been released?


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Movie... Moviebuff

I hate that people always jumps to the excuse that maybe the person has mental problems. I think there are people who are just born evil and bad. She plan the whole thing and of course made up an intruder who was a person of color.

nonmember avatar TIRED

Another blended family down the tubes. We all need to stop having children until we are committed to a mate and intended for life. Children are confused as hell. As are we parents. Now I know why most cultures did not allow divorce. Children need the parents around who conceived them. And even then it's difficult. Almost all the child killings are by stepfathers. Lets quit already.

nonmember avatar Bbee

TIRED: that's the dumbest statement I've ever heard. I come from a blended family and never had the thought of murdering my sibling. Your logic makes my head hurt.

Kattey Kattey

People have killed people for less. Nothing surprises me. There is nothing about this story that isn't tragic.

Pixie030 Pixie030

I come from a blended family and neither of my stepparents ever even made a threat of physical abuse to me or my sister. My younger sister who also happens to be 3 years younger than me did rely on me during those same ages for a bit while our parents were working for help in chores and things that older siblings were better at taking care of and while I did feel sick of doing it at times I never thought I could live without her. We fought and called each other bad things and had some light physical altercations but nothing that ever left more than a light bruise at most. And to @moviebuff, the reason that people say "mental illness" when especially a child does something like that is because simply, a person with a normal thinking brain does not want to KILL anyone. So they have something not going right inside their mind (brain) = mental illness.

nonmember avatar Terri

14 or not, she deserves life in prison.

nonmember avatar rebecca

This didn't happen in chicago, this happened almost 2 hours away from chicago in a nice suburb. Articles need to stop relating the far away suburbs to chicago

Tina Hansen

I live near this town and know many people who knew this family. It's a tragedy that this happened. But people need to remember she's a child. There was way too much responsibility put on this 14 yr old and her mom was never around to detect a problem. She's being investigated by DCFS for neglect. It's terrible no matter how you look at it, and clearly there's a mental issue that was not detected.

Laura Davis

Oh the child has mental issues. It's all the child's fault...If she had these problems, the parents should know about it. They would never leave her alone with the other girl. Why don't the parents want to talk about it? Maybe because they'll realize it isn't all the girl's fault. Easy to blame your child, but never yourself. It's your child, raise them properly and crap like this wont happen.

coffe... coffeefreako3

Tina Hansen...too much responsibility???? NOT! What does she want? Obviously an easy life in jail just walking from cell to lunch room. Sick for anyone who justifies this.

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