Drunk 13-Year-Old Kills 6-Year-Old Girl But It Wasn't Her Fault (VIDEO)

A 38-year-old Florida dad has been charged with manslaughter in the death of his 6-year-old daughter -- and the way it happened will just make you shake your head and pray for humanity. David Courson was in his truck on his property, only he wasn't driving the truck. For some bizarre reason, a 13-year-old girl was. The girl put the truck in gear and instead of moving the truck forwards, she mistakenly flung into reverse -- and ran over the man's 6-year-old daughter, Rebecca. The truck killed her. As if that isn't tragic and horrible enough, here comes the real head slapper: Both the man and the 13-year-old driver were allegedly drunk.

Courson and the teenage girl were reportedly not related. Why she was driving the truck was anyone's guess, but if he were giving her driving lessons, doing it drunk was the dumbest thing imaginable.

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One cop summed up why an allegedly inebriated teen might have been driving the car, saying:

No good reason, other than lack of responsibility of the one adult that was there at the house.

Sounds about right.

The 13-year-old could be charged with DUI manslaughter charges too, pending a blood test. I'm sorry, but at 13 years old, you aren't thinking clearly. You still rely on the adults around you to guide and influence your decisions. A teen girl is susceptible to being plied with alcohol by an adult and allowed the thrill of driving.

It's up to the adult to know that is a boneheaded idea, not the girl. And up to the adult to make sure that there aren't any children in the area of the truck.

Reportedly, Courson's other daughter, a 12-year-old, also reeked of booze. Courson is reportedly unemployed and his wife was at work while this tragic scenario went down. Can you imagine coming home to find one daughter dead, and one allegedly drunk, and some other teen driving the truck that killed your baby?

Rebecca's 8-year-old brother was also apparently in the truck -- no word on whether he too had been imbibing.

The father must be devastated about what happened, but there are consequences to being so incredibly irresponsible. And now he's going to face them.

Do you think the teen driver should be charged?


Image via WCTV

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Katha... Katharine205

Yes I think she should be charged for it.  A 13 year old might be impressionable but she still killed someone and needs to face consequences for her behavior.  In this case the severity of what she did warrants legal consequences.  I don't think she deserves the death penalty (although he might) but she needs to be dealt with severely enough that she'll never do something like this again.

Jacee... Jacee2348

No, I don't think the teenage driver should be charged.  Alcohol and other counseling perhaps, but no criminal charges.  Clearly the "adult" is the only one that should be criminally charged for this terrible accident that was completely preventable.  He should pay dearly for the death of his daughter and the trauma that the other kids are going through. 

Jespren Jespren

For me 13 is right at the fine line between child and adult in terms of responsiblity of their actions from a legal perspective. For some 13 year olds, they should be charged as adults, for some, children. I think, in this case, if there was a history of drunkeness in the girl, therefore showing she was aware of what alcohol would do to her and her judgement, then she should probably be charged, she had the requisite knowledge to know that if she got drunk she might do something stupid. BUT if there was every reason to believe this was the first time the girl got drunk, then i do not believe you can hold a 13 year old responsible for the type of forethought required to know 1) what alcohol is going to do to her  and 2) what the results of that intoxiation may be. Now I've known people who by 13 were well aware of the effects of alcohol on their system, but i don't think we can safely say most 13 year olds (thank goodness) have that knowledge.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

She should definitely be charged. She's 13, not 7. She's a little bit old enough to know better although the father is still mostly to blame. 

laceyr20 laceyr20

I agree completely with jespren

Elaine Cox

it wasnt all her fault..but yea she is involved

Punki... Punkindrublic

There was also a 12 year old sibling prima.

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

This wasn't the child's fault. The kid was most likely following instructions from the drunk adult with whom all the blame rests. And Prima the 13 year old is most likely friends with the drunk mans drunk 12 year old daughter. This kid will live with this the rest of her life, I think that's punishment enough.

nicol... nicolemstacy

13 is still old enough to know right from wrong. She should face some sort of punishment so she doesn't go through life thinking she's untouchable and that others will always pay for her choices. Yes, the adult is ultimately responsible for this tragedy, but this is an opportunity for this girl to learn a lesson about accountability as well.

mommy... mommy2jnlm

If they charge the 13 year old why not just charge the 8 year old to as an accessory. Really at 13 adults should still be responsible over her and tell her no that is not a wise choice but instead an adult obviously lead her to believe that being drunk and driving while intoxicated is ok.

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