Prince Harry's Girlfriend May Need Him More Than Ever After Family Death

If reports are correct and Prince Harry and his longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas are on the verge of a breakup, now might be the time they get back together to deal with a major trauma. Cressida's former stepfather, Christopher Shaw, 76, has been found dead. And some reports have it that he may have committed suicide. Shaw was reportedly suffering from health and financial problems and may have taken an overdose of pills.

Shaw fell for Cressida's mom, Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, in 1994 and they married a couple of years later. They divorced in 2000. That would mean they were together during Cressida's formative years, from age 5 until 11. Sources say that the two were close when she was a child.

It's unclear whether Cressida and her ex-stepfather were still close at the time of his death. But whether or not they kept in touch, no doubt he must have been like a father-figure to her at one time, given that she was so young when her mom and Shaw married.

Having a family member die is one of the true tests of a relationship -- how does your partner handle it? Especially with Harry still being quite young and carefree, if Cressida needs a shoulder to cry on, will he be there for her?

This could be a real litmus test of their relationship. Up until recently, rumors had been swirling that the pair, who have been dating on and off for years, were on the verge of marriage. This could bring them closer together -- or totally drive a wedge between them.

Hopefully, Harry will come through and be there for Cressida if she needs him.

If you are ever concerned about yourself or someone you know, please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

Have you ever had a relationship get stronger because of a death in the family? Or weaker?


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nonmember avatar micah

With my parents it fell apart and wound up in a very messy divorce with myself and my fiance the only death we have e,perienced was his great grandpa and it brought us closer

Amy Wingfield

My mother was killed in 2009 by a careless driver - my fiance and I had just started seeing each other a few months prior to that.  He was with us at the hospital while we waited for her to be pronounced, the funeral, he was my shoulder then AND now -- I feel it brought us closer. Even now he will cry with me, he urges me to talk about it.... I would have never made it through that horrible time without him.  I can honestly say he is the reason I am sane now..... so very thankful for him.  

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