Mom's Reaction to Learning Babysitter Tattooed Her Kids Gets Her Arrested

tattooTwo girls under the age of 13 were reportedly given tattoos by the caregiver who was watching them while their mother and mother's boyfriend were out. All three adults -- the babysitter, mother, and boyfriend -- have been arrested and are being charged with felony child abuse.

Why were the mom and boyfriend arrested, as well? Because what they did when they came home made a bad situation so much worse.


According to reports, Alexander Edwards, 20, gave the young girls tattoos while they were under his care. And when their mother, Melissa Delp, and her boyfriend, Daniel Janney, returned home and saw what Edwards allegedly did, Janney tried to remove the tattoos himself -- by attempting to burn them off. "There was an effort to cover these tattoos up," said a sheriffs' department officer. "It didn’t help the situation any. It added more scarring."

These poor children! Not only were they subject to the pain of getting a tattoo via their babysitter, they then were reportedly burned.

Details are pretty scant on the situation, but going off of what's been reported, every adult in this situation is completely wrong. It had to have been completely shocking/horrifying/upsetting for Delp and Janney to come home and see that the two pre-teens had been tattooed without consent. But to try to remove the ink by themselves by inflicting such pain is both dumb and cruel.

A tattoo removal artist in Kutztown, Pennsylvania has kindly offered to remove the girls' tattoos at no cost. "It breaks my heart to know they have gone through something like that," he said. "I can't imagine what it's like." Hopefully, the removal process won't be too painful for these innocent children. And hopefully they'll be put under the care of someone who would never think about tattooing -- or removing a tattoo -- again.

What would you do if your babysitter tattooed your kids?


Image via Halfdark/fstop/Corbis

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